Online kid camps?

Suddenly looking at a longish summer of kids at home. My kids are late elementary-middle school. The one who is off this week has had everything cancelled (normally does sports camps, etc.). July and August are looking long, hot, and terrible. Spouse is being very dramatic about it all.

Anybody have ideas on online camps, online activities, etc.? I am wondering if there are other places that are locked down we could try, probably basically anything from UK to Australia? Kids would probably do at least a couple of hours a day of anything online (art, computers, etc.). Any ideas, tips, hints?

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YouTube has loads of classes about every topic for every age level. I tried a hip hop dance class with my daughter (G1) and we found some decent looking art lessons too.


YouTube. Puzzles. Reading.

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Physical activities, board games, mind games, handicrafts…
There are lots and lots of resources online.
The only thing you can’t avoid is being there. Many of these activities require parents to get involved too.

My sons are doing several Outschool classes and camps. They really enjoy the social interaction and the wide variety of interesting topics of study/fun/interest available there.

This link will give a credit to anyone who signs up for a class:


Thanks! This is a good suggestion.

I agree with everyone else too–all the regular suggestions are basically my childhood in hot summers, but now with internet options. Trying to figure out some ways to get away from 100% parental supervision.