Online petition for ARC holders' dependents to come to Taiwan

Hi everyone. We are a group of ARC holders who wishes to reunite with our spouse/children in Taiwan.

We have started an online petition and earnestly seek for your support to help us to highlight our petition to the Taiwan government.

If you agree to our petition, kindly support us at the following link:-

We thank you in advance for this.

So ARC holders are being barred from entry in Taiwan?

No. The issuance of visas is suspended.

If you have a valid ARC, you can come back.

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Oh, OK.
I misunderstood it.
I thought it was about ARC holders trying to entry Taiwan to reunite their families (who I supposed were already here). But it is in fact ARC holders already here trying to bring their relatives to Taiwan.
Got it, now. Thanks.

Nope, ARC holders can come back to Taiwan. Just the spouse and children currently are not allowed to enter Taiwan yet due to Covid-19 measures taken. The dependent visa for ARC holders has been suspended since May 2021.

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