Online tax filing 2021

Just got a “card reader” and went through the steps to register my NHI card and run the tax software.

Something is wrong with the IT managers here. Something… is just seriously wrong with them.

They are just screwed up mentally!

“Petinum III, 128 Mb RAM” really !!! holy fricking shit!

People need to do checksum, download an unsigned package, create a proxy server, input port settings manually, run certificate test, insert smart card, validate, signup for password, get authorized, do an OS and browser test that fails!

The “new” updated Tax software fails if region settings is not “taiwan” since it doesn’t recognize “2021/05/04” as a valid date!!

Tax inquiry documents are downloaded as quickreport .qrp files.

Really??? Freaking Taiwanese IT dickheads! Are they nuts :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::roll_eyes:

This entire non-sense would be avoided if they hired proper programmers and software engineers, create a good, usable website. Input your ARC, passport and phone and you’re done. Get everything there. All govt services.

This article mentions some non-sense:

There’s no link I’ve found that actually allows you to do what they claim in that article!

No wonder Taiwan banking, healthcare, finance and edu IT infrastructure sucks!!

Maybe its the radiation from the old abandoned nuclear projects or the mountains everywhere… I don’t know. There has to be some explanation for this degree or ridiculousness that is Taiwan IT!!!


Taiwanese government uses really old legacy systems that they no doubt spent a LOT of money for and therefore don’t want to pay to update it… In fact they wanted people who can use languages like COBOL and stuff like that. Not just someone who knows it, but people who actually worked during the time they were in vogue, and that isn’t over 35 years old (not going to happen).

I think big part of the problem is trying to integrate legacy systems into something more modern, that basically assumes those legacy systems are not used at all. Imagine having your smartphone app link into a server that runs on MS-DOS 5.0. You can see what kind of nightmare any IT staff has to deal with.

If there is any retrocomputing experts here, I bet he can get a very lucrative job with the TW Government.