Online Travel Bookings


Hey all,

Does anyone know of any web sites that allows you to do on-line bookings from Asia - Taiwan in particular??

All the sites seem to be US focused…



You can check out airline websites. For example Cathay Pacific offers online booking but only to and from specific cities.


i know this is rather a late reply, but a very good website for booking airline tickets is
however it is in chinese language.
the travel agent is Yueh-shan, fast, efficient but very busy… if you book your ticket online you get a 2% discount also.


Same here… EZtravel is also a very popular local setup @ but the site is all in Chinese, unfortunately.

Try also which offers 30 Days / 16 cities in Asia for US$999 though I’m not sure if you can DEPART from Asia. You’d have to ask about that.

Dragon Air comes highly, highly recommended. because they offer dirt cheap rates and English-speaking tour guides (at least in China).

Actually they have one of the most flexible packages I’ve ever used, you can choose where you want to go, type of package (5 star, 4 star, etc.), how many days, what day you wish to depart, etc. and even if you are traveling alone, they will provide a tour guide, driver, and car at no additional cost.

Also, you can deviate from their regularly scheduled agenda on the spot by just telling the guide that you’d rather not visit “another bloody garden” and want to see something else instead.

Best way is to go to any local travel agency and ask for a Dragon Air package booklet and go from there.