Online Tutor/Language Exchange by Skype?

I found a very cool program called Skype ( It allows you to talk via VoIP if you have a DSL connection and so far… it’s perfectly clear with no delay. It also allows for conference calling.

So I have a few questions:

  1. Has anyone ever done a language exchange via phone? Did it work?
  2. How do you keep a language exchange focused and on topic?

I’m not really sure how a language exchange works outside of just winging it. I guess I’m always looking for structure.

Any advice appreciated.

I have done online teaching online, not telephone yet. And it works perfectly. We even get web cam

It is hard to get languageexchange focused as the Chinese partner is so eager to speak English.

Downloaded Skype and registered. It’s so cool. You can just search for people by location and/or language. Don’t have my microphone with me, but I’ll get it from home over Thanksgiving and try it out.

Mandarinmentor, how did you find the online teaching job? I would love to do language exchange through Skype or MSN with a mic if anyone’s interested. My English for your Chinese?

Thanks. :wink:

Mandarinmentor has been banned for inappropriate posting. I don’t think you’ll get a response.