Online tutoring

Has anyone in the past or is currently working as an online tutor on the side?

My mate does it, and it sounds like a pretty crap gig to me. He gets paid 500NTD an hour, can’t see his students, and gets his performance rated by them afterwards. Obviously no travel costs, though.

Did you catch the “uberization of education” thread? We’ve had a few others too.

Do you need to report earnings to when you file for tax?

Thanks I will check it out now, when I searched I only saw stuff from like 2005

You should qualify for the gaofei exemption for the first $180,000/year. We’ve seen people including someone claiming to represent a law firm say that it’s actually $1m for overseas income, but when I asked for an explanation, there was none. (My understanding is that the $1m exemption only applies to the “income basic tax”, not to regular income tax.)

Im far too dumb to help people with finance homework

Maybe they offer English homework too.