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China Post Online TV Guide

This is useful, yes?
I’d not noticed it before today.


:sunglasses: Thanks for the guide! Ten points to you. Though I buy the paper everyday, it’s great to plan ahead! We love our TV!

Whoops, spoke too soon. It doesn’t let you plan ahead. It only gives you today’s schedule but, that’s ok. It’s still very useful.

If you’d like to plan ahead, I know HBO, and Halmark Channel post their schedules on line. HBO asia even has an AvantGO channel for Taiwan. You can see what’s on right from your pda.

Does anyone know if the other channels list their schedule on the web in advance? Here would be a great place to list them.

For Hollywood channel go to and click on the “programme” button. You can see the schedule for one month. However, the names of the films are usually only listed in Chinese.

You can see a month advance on HBO
and Cinemax

Change the country on the HBO one because sometimes Singapore and Taiwan schedules are slightly different.

Six Feet Under is back for a rerun and then on to Six Feet Under season two, btw.

Thanks, Fredericka–and everyone else who also left such great information. Does anyone know about a schedule for the Knowledge Channel? I particularly enjoy the cooking/travel programs on Saturdays. Thanks for the help.

Slightly off topic, but speaking of travel and adventure, Eco-Challenge Fiji has been aired on AXN over the last couple of weekends. One of my favorite shows these days. After watching it you feel like biking up to Yangmingshan. It’s on every Saturday morning at 9:00 with a rerun on Sunday evening at 6:00.

AAARRRGGG!!! I missed Eco-Challenge!!!

WOOHOO!! Yah!! Goooo team!

okay phew … got that out of my system. Good thing I got someone to tape it for me back home. Else I’de be in tears.