(only German?, damned)

After discovering that, I am in 7th heaven. I mean, I don’t need P2P, all I do is tell this website to “record” any TV-show, and then I can download it to my computer. There are a few hassles like I must earn good will points by donating or clicking on stupid banners, but it works fine. Donating 5 Euro bought me a lot of goodwill points.

While I was checking out how to securely download TV via P2P (of course I never did it, I am a good fellow, love the pope and don’t download unsanctioned TV :beatnik: ), this is much better. Well, P2P has the benefit I could start with Season1.Episode01 whenever I want whereas this “OnlineTV-recorder” only gives me the TV program.

I only found this for Germany,
Anyone knows such thing in US or UK?

And … it is legal by German law! Some TV stations tried to stop it, but did not succeed. And what is not forbidden is legal… :howyoudoin: