Only Taiwanese have night pay

Our company only pay night differential for Taiwanese people. Is there an existing law for this? Isn’t it discrimination.

Can you work during the day instead?

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Nope. They needed us on night

Unfair and probably not legal ?

I have ask the long time employee here. They said they already fight for this case, but the embassy and
Our broker agency are friends or team so they won’t help at all.

It’s hard to assess this without more information.

Does everyone have the same contract? How does the pay calculation work? Do the foreigners have other benefits that Taiwanese don’t have?

If I were in your position I would talk to the local labor department (in the city or county where you work). They can offer advice, arrange a free (short) consultation with a lawyer, arrange for mediation with your employer, and (if they think they can prove there’s a clear violation of labor law) order an inspection.


This would be a big and hard case. That’s why I’m hoping someone here have a easy way to process this thing. Also not revealing ones identity while fighting for his/her rights. I just want to hear some opinions since this will be hard to take a step and finish it. Thank you for your time.

there may not be an easy way. You may need a union.

If not yet, it may not be a harm to contact to TIWA.

there is no regulation on night differential pay.
Article 25 of Labor Standards Act may be the most relevant law to your situation.

An employer shall under no condition discriminate between the sexes in the payment of wages. Worker shall receive equal wages for equal work of equal efficiency.


Without knowing what the job is, it’s hard to say whether or not the Labor Standards Act applies. The labor department should be able to answer that question.