Ootoya - Japanese comfort food

One of my favorite restaurants, and it is a chain, is Ootoya. Just good tasting healthy various Japanese dishes. Good variety with all kinds of meats and also vegetarian options. No sushi and not an izakaya.

I’m guessing maybe 20 branches in Northern Taiwan.

One side tip when in Japan, they are all over and have English menus so easy to get a good meal. The ones in Japan also have other perks like unlimited drinks or unlimited coffee or open 24 hours.

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Reading this from the other side of the planet be like…

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Which country?

US. And before you tell me there’s still plenty of Japanese food here… it’s not the same.

Depends on which state/ City. For most of the US i’d agree.

Ootoya has a few locations in NYC

We also have MomoParadise in L.A.

Almost the same, but NYC has Sushi which is not sold in Japan (and Taiwan). Price is not the same. In New York it’s double or more than in Japan. https://favy-jp.com/topics/4

I prefer in Japan and Taiwan Muji café (though Japan locations seem cheaper with better food) https://www.muji.com/tw/cafe/menu/index.html?area=footer ^^ seems in States only NYC and PDX (Portland Muji’s café with coffee and limited snacks)

Weird, I’ve never seen it. Matsuya, Sukiya, Yoshinoya etc are everywhere though.

Usually in same areas. Much better foods. Is one of my go-tos. Google map search Tokyo for example and the list never ends. And in other cities.