Open discussion on Taiwan archaeology

I wish to open a discussion about archaeological discoveries and potential new sites to study in Taiwan.

I wrote this article, “Unpaving Paradise” and want to connect with other enthusiasts in this area.
Check it out, and any comments welcome:

Most of us inhabit this earth as far removed in our daily lives as possible from the roots of our civilization, and Taiwan is no different. Like most modernized countries, it has industrialized its terrain from forest into farmland, then from farmland into cities teeming with concrete structures.

Over a thousand ancient sites have been discovered in Taiwan over the past century, with many constantly being unearthed and excavated to this day — by only a handful of archaeologists. Yet few are aware that Taiwan’s history may hold the key to understanding human development and migration in the Asia-Pacific region…

Good article. i had an interest in anthropology and archaeology once. Good luck to you.

Yeah, but that’s all old crap. We’re modern people now, and make computers, and bicycles. Who cares to be embarrassed by some old guys with feathers and beads on their heads and pig grease down their chins when we’ve got KTV and baseball parks?