Open-Work Permit Application Procedures - Step by step

It is the same.

The form is “AF-042就業服務法第51條第1項第1、3、4款申請書-工作許可【個人工作許可】”


As it happened, my renewal of the OWP was thwarted first by no one knowing what the Heck it was - nor who mister Lu was, hence I presume he no longer works there, then by telling me it took 20 days to process - and finally because I did not bring my pictures - what pictures? Oh, I did remember to bring the old passport as we’ll as the new.

In their defense, they were very courteous, service is always fast and the location is very accessible. And seriously, there are not that many APRC holders, they must see OWP every blue moon.

In summary, I drowned my sorrows in a piece of carrot cake. It had cream cheese and low sugar, so I’d call it keto-ish.

I just went there like two months ago.
The cute girl sat next to the information counter (surname Peng?) spoke very good English. So does the lady who supposed to be in information counter, but often roaming around.
Mind you, my English is not perfect/native and heavily accented… most locals can’t understand a word I am saying… yet they instantly knew what I wanted.
I guess you were asking the wrong person.
The form might be tricky, but you are allowed to take it by yourself, if you know what form you need to write on.

Let me see if I got the right place. I went to the 10th floor. Information desk has no idea what OWP was even when I showed him the old one. Neither did the guard but gave me a number to cue for my turn. There were like 10 desks with 2 dealing with applications and the rest turning in stuff. Form they gave me had the same junk as NIA form about man power agencies and who is the Taiwanese you are dependent of.

No one spoke to me in English and usually if they do not start neither do I.

That could be because it’s not called OWP outside of Forumosa. It’s called 外國人工作許可證(就業服務法第51條),which roughly translates to “work permit for foreigners in accordance with art. 51 of the Employment Services Act”

@Icon I’m a bit confused. When did the OWP have an expiration date? I guess I never noticed. But yes, it is on the 10th floor (if I recall correctly). You went to the building near Ximen Ding MRT?

I did not use the OWP word with them. I showed them what I have, which is what you said in Chinese, and they were still like what?

You missed the part I mentioned no English was used between us.

I know we call it OWP here so that is what I use here between Forumosa members.

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No expiration date. Just that I have a new passport and I wanted all paperwork to reflect that fact. I got a new ARC so the next step is a new OWP card. As in the past this was not a biggie I wonder what was the issue today.

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@Icon I went through the exact same thing. I had to renew my passport because it was about the expire. I got a new passport and with that a new passport number. So I had to update the information on my APRC. (Is yours an APRC? I imagine it should be if you are getting an OWP.)

Then I went to the NIA and filled out the multipurpose form and checked off the update information checkbox. They took my APRC, photos, and photocopies of my old and new passport after seeing the old and new passports and gave me a slip of paper to come pick up the updated APRC. I did not have to pay any fees to update the APRC with my new information.

A week later when I got my updated APRC, it was the same number. I went to the same 10th floor office you went to because I thought I had to “update my OWP”. But when I showed them my APRC and OWP, they said I didn’t need to get a new one because my APRC number was still the same.

So, I guess they tie your APRC number with the OWP number in the database. As far as I remember, the OWP does not have any info about your passport number on it.

You may want to call or visit the office to double-check if that is correct. But that’s what happened for me.

My OWP has my passport number right above my APRC number. When I got a new passport about 5 years ago the number changed. I’m surprised you didn’t need to change your OWP to reflect the updated passport number.

:open_mouth: !

I may have to double-check my old OWP.
It’s been a while since I did that or even looked at the OWP. I may have remembered some things incorrectly.

Thanks for catching that! :slight_smile:

Yup, you are correct. It is there on my OWP. I must have mixed up when I updated my APRC for other reasons with the time I had to update because of my passport.

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Could have been an address change? That’s not on my OWP.

:smile: It may have been because of the address change. I think I may have went there to because I wasn’t sure if it needed to be updated too.

So I am hoping someone here can help me with filling out this form. I have an ROC passport and 台灣地區居留證 through my Taiwanese parents.

For nationality do I put my original or Taiwan? (and that includes passport number as well)

The name of the relative (in taiwan) you depend on - Is this question for people like me? (So I need to put my mom/dad on this? And I’ll need a copy of their 身分證?)

What about that box about ‘both parties shall be suject to …’ - what other party? Do I just fill out my information and leave the rest of the stuff blank (like name of Manpower Agent entrusted)?

Thanks for any help!

I think you must be a Taiwanese to apply for your OWP, but if I were you, I’d leave any unsure parts blank, and go to their office with both passports.


I’m not sure what both parties mean. Applicant and Liaison?
I think if you apply for it by yourself, Agent part doesn’t need to be filled.

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I always blackout any mention of agents for anything and I suggest you do the same.

@yemaomao If you are Taiwanese and have Taiwanese ID, why do you need an OWP? You are already free to engage in any job. If you are an Overseas Compatriot, then this office is not the one you are looking for. Overseas have other people to take care of them.

So why are you filling out the form in the first place?

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@yemaomao, you are a national without household registration on TARC for the purpose of living with your lineal family, right? Then, you need the OWP to work legally. I believe where you should go is the WDA office.

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Yup, tando is correct. Go get the OWP @yemaomao. You will only need it until you get your citizenship if you plan on working while you wait.

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Thanks for the help everyone! I got it done, it was very quick and surprisingly painless. For anyone in my position in the future, you need your foreign passport (not ROC passport, they don’t care about that one), your 台灣地區居留證 card, and a photocopy of your mom/dad’s 身分證. Your parents do not need to be present and they do not need to see the actual physical card - just a photocopy is enough.