Open work permit

With an open work permit are you able to legally work as an ESL teacher of English? with a bachelor’s degree? without a bachelor’s degree? If anyone knows for sure, could they please let me know.

A so-called “Open Work Permit” aka “Personal Work Permit” is issued by the Council of Labor Affairs based on four categories of people specified in the Employment Services Act Article 51. The two most common categories are those married to ROC nationals who have an ARC based on that status, and permanent residents. The ESA was revised on Jan. 21, 2002.

To answer your question, yes the holder of an OWP can work as a teacher anywhere if the employer wishes to hire him/her. The holder of an OWP may also work as a private teacher, without an employer. Anyone is says otherwise is mistaken.

I have eight pages of official CLA paperwork to back up the above statement. If you need a copy of that paperwork, please send me a private email and indicate your snailmail mailing address in the Taiwan area. Also please give some indication of how to write the Chinese characters.

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