Opening a shop in China - General Thoughts

First of all, I know when are on Forumosa - :bowing:

This is just about some basic thoughts as nothing is planned yet.
Does anyone ever had a business in China ( i mean a physical shop)?
If yes, is it as complicated as having one in Taiwan?
Regarding the rest ( i mean, Chinese culture, Chinese people, Chinese behavior, size of China etc… ), i have already my opinions.

Someone on this forum may had done it?

anyone in here?

surely its more complicated? don’t you need a chinese business partner (preferably one you can trust) to do anything over there?

it is just talk right now -
so i am just trying to see if someone in this forum have done it in the past and can share some insights

It’s going to be a hundred times more complicated than opening one in Taiwan. More corruption, more restrictions for foreigners, you can’t even own a business by yourself in the PRC.

China has a rapidly growing economy (it’s not the 8.8888% they claim but it’s still up there), and Tier 1 cities are bigger and have more multinationals than Taiwan. But in terms of the paper work and issues - you’ll get swamped.

yeah - that’s for sure.
Greater rewards is the main thing.

well same over here

well many Taiwanese have relatives there so from my wife side, will absolutely not be an issue

for sure

i know it is way complicated, but nothing has ever been easy for me ( LOL) - everything is a stepping stone, and i feel like rewards are greater over there.
can still be in Taiwan 3 weeks a month ( what every Taiwanese business man do actually).

i was more into learning about personal experiences.
Which kind of business do you have there?