Opioid Addiction Video

Pretty brutal, but worth a watch.

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Watched half of it. Opioids… I never tried them except for codeine which was slightly interesting. Wanted to try Opium but I guess that I don’t have time for that anymore. In the video he seems to be sniffing something white… I guess that wasn’t anything with opium!

This reminded me of this short movie, slightly different take on the same (it has English subtitles):


Crushed up painkiller pills.

People sniff that? and I felt like a junkie for smoking it!

So… his first mistake was to vomit that beer. :no_no:

Seems plausible

That’s how it starts.

I forgot this quote:

“Yo he descubierto que en mi pene est’a toda mi fuerza. Y la del universo”

The part about the joints brings some memories… I’m getting old!

IMO it started when his parents named him Charlie. But the beer didn’t help.

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The beer or his refusal to it? if he had stuck to beer instead of vomiting it and looking for other substances, he would have done much better.

So the morale of the story is to embrace beer.

That video is kinda duplicitous. It starts with Charley’s story. It should start with the kid who went to a doctor for a backache and got prescribed the pills to begin with.
They also need to steer away from that bogus gateway drug trope.

Don’t you think there’s any truth to that? The plot would be fairly typical in that sense I think.

You’re right but, party kids like to party. I think the larger majority of abuse is not that path though. I’ve done quite a bit of research on it looking for answers after my friend, who was otherwise drug averse, OD’ed on fentanyl. It starts with aches and pains for a lot of people which leads to dependency and so on. Using booze and budz as a ‘see this is where it starts’ indicator really deflects from the truth. It’s not typical it’s extraordinary.

I know that happens certainly. You’ve got me about to look into it a bit more here.

“Prescription Thugs” is a good starting point.

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It’s vodka that he drinks just before he pukes, not beer


There were some news a few months ago about this very problem. I don´t know how alarmist these news were, but they were blaming “The Big Pharm” and the USA health system for the increasing number of opioid junks. In a great degree.

Why my browser’s spelling corrector keeps marking “opioid” as wrong word? Is it because it’s misspelled or because it’s taboo? or maybe I don’t deserve a better corrector???

It’s a big problem now, and it’s gotten a lot of media attention.

I was wondering same thing! I added it to the browser dictionary

Addicts often snort crushed pills and by the way a lot of Heroin is white and snorted (no I’m not confused with cocaine ). For example “Thai white”. It kills a lot of people quickly whereas the crushed up pills tend to kill people over a longer miserable time period.

All sounds equally disgusting to me. It’s a pity. I have used (a bit) recreational drugs, but mostly (and I’m being sincere) because I was genuinely interested in the creative and self exploring part of it. I really feel pity for those who got stuck in a life mode that leaves them no options… and no health. I actually kinda despise recreational drugs and users, probably more than fucked up addicts.

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I can understand about the intellectual curiosity, and there are certainly some great art , writings and so on which have been influenced by.drug use. However, if that is balanced up with the pain and suffering caused by the “recreational” use of drugs then I think it’s a bad trade off for society. If you asked people who have used hard drugs if they would mind their own kids using them, almost always the answer is that they would never want their own kids to use or even experiment with drugs.