Optician/ophthalmologist recommendations (or how to get glasses here)

Sorry if this is a frequent question - I’ve tried using the search function and read through several old threads but wasn’t able to find anything too relevant/recent, surprisingly.

I broke my glasses last night so need a new pair semi-urgently. :nerd_face: What’s the best way to go about this here - just heading to any old optician/glasses store, or would I be better off visiting an ophthalmologist first to recheck my exact prescription? I haven’t had my eyes checked or bought a new pair in several years.

Next question: does anyone have any particular recommendations for opticians/ophthalmologists in Taipei? Shida/Gongguan/Zhongzheng area would be preferable, but I don’t mind going elsewhere if necessary. Some English ability would be a plus. I’m not looking for anything particularly fancy or expensive - probably just a generic black frame - and my prescription isn’t too strong, but a decent range of (inexpensive) frames would be good as I’m quite picky/indecisive.

Finally, roughly how much should I be expecting to pay?

I went to a random glasses store (chain store) in Taichung when I lost mine a while back. Walked in, told them my prescription, they wanted to double check, did the whole “which is better, 1 or 2” test, and told me to come back in 4 hours. Can’t remember how much it cost but it was on the pricier side due to fancy frames. Something like $5000-7000.
Basically, go to any glasses store IME, shouldn’t be too hard and if you just need something cheap and quick they should be able to get something for you. Good luck!


Gongguan area is full of stores to choose from, student prices, from 2000 to 20000.

Formosa glasses is a well known chain, expensive but reliable.

Tip: all government offices have in house optometrist selling glasses.

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Sorry to bump this up, but its time I got my eyes tested again and some new glasses as my eyes have changed a bit - I am also Short-sighted in one eye and Long-sighted in the other!!

So the usual procedure is, take NHI Card and visit the Hospital, get eyes checked and receive the Glasses prescription, then take that to any Glasses Shop and get the lenses made, and maybe a new frame as well?

Serves me right for asking - I did just that and it seems that I have Cataracts - really made my day!!! So it’s now drops for a few weeks, then more tests, then eye surgery to remove the Cataracts and then probably new glasses.

I’ve never paid more than NT$800-1000 for glasses. There’s a place in my 'hood that always has loads of frames on special. Free eye test and Bob’s yer uncle. Pick up in two days.
Of course, if you want to be a wanker and have Gucci or D&G on the side of the frames, it’s going to cost a lot more. The cheapo ones work just fine for me, thanks.


Last time I checked it was free.