Options to stay in Taiwan: Get a job? Setting up a rep office? Invest USD200K?


I’m thinking about setting up a rep office in Taiwan and was wondering if anyone with experience could help. :pray: According to posts in Llary’s guide thread (Llary's (almost) Complete Guide to Rep. Office Registration), I can set up a corporation in Canada online. Once I’ve done that, I’m thinking of engaging a CPA in Taiwan to help me with the process. Several people recommend JusRegal (https://www.jrcpa.tw/). Does anyone have experience dealing with them? What’s the ball park cost?

Thanks in advance. :pray:

What do you actually wanna do?

I’d like to hire them to take care of setting up a rep office, getting a work permit…etc for me.

So you’re going to set up a company in Canada with no revenue, no customers, no assets, no income, no payroll etc… and then spend C$2000+ to open a rep office for this company in Taiwan.

What are you trying to accomplish in Taiwan is my meaning. Maybe I can help offer a better answer.

Are you just trying to move here? What do you actually wanna do?

Yeah, I’m looking for ways that allow me to reside in Taiwan. I’m retired and don’t plan to look for a job in Taiwan…but I could freelance if I have to (web design/programming/content marketing).

You can’t freelance on a rep company. They won’t give you a work permit for that. It’s illegal.

You can open a company here if you wanted and simply bring over $500000. It doesn’t need to be spent. But the third year needs to generate $3 million of revenue, or $150000(like C$5000 or so) of taxes as I call it and then simply get PR at the end of your second three year ARC.

If you bring $200 000US then you can have an entrepreneur’s visa where you don’t have to face any restrictions.

Or simply find a part time teaching job that is willing to get you an ARC.

There are writing jobs too.


By putting 200k in a Taiwanese bank?

No, no teaching job…

I was actually offered an IT-related job by a Taiwanese company before… they needed proof of a bachelor’s degree in related field( which I have) and proof of two-year related experience, which I’m not sure how to obtain. The “real job” I held was as a self-employed IT consultant for a Canadian company about 10 years ago. That company doesn’t exist anymore… my first supervisor at that company passed away a few years ago and the second/last one was fired. I’m still in touch with a colleague but he’s no longer with that company (he moved to the US).

Say I get another job offer (IT related), what can I use as “proof of employment”?

Maybe getting a gold card might help if you qualify for it since it sounds like you don’t intend to work full time.

I’m not sure how to prove that I made NT160K because I didn’t have paystubs. I was self-employed and charged my clients an hourly rate. I sent them an invoice (MS word) and they paid me by direct deposit.

Yes. (business account) I can even recommend a CPA myself as I started a business.

Understood. Just an idea to get your foot in the door.

Well if you get another job offer, that would be your proof of employment. They will sponsor your work permit and that’s all you need to get the resident visa.

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So I don’t even have to do anything with the 200k? Can I just put the money as a term deposit and earn interest? Yeah a CPA recommendation would be great in case I want to go this route. How long will the application take? What’s the cost of this (besides the 200k).

Let me clarify… in order for the employer to apply for a work permit, I need to have a diploma certificate (a bachelor’s degree) and two-year work experience. I’m not sure how to show that I have two-year work experience because I can’t get reference letters from my previous employers (they don’t exist anymore). I still have the invoices (MS documents) I billed them about 8-9 years ago as a self-employed IT consultant. Will they work as “proof of work experience”?

Thanks for your help.

You could, but opening a business you still need to file GST every two months based off what you sell. The CPA will be a bit more clear to you on that. If you close the business, which is by extension, your reason to be there, then you’ll need to leave.

That might be harder for me to answer. I would talk with the CPA. I’ve never had to prove the experience before TBH. I’d talk to the CPA and/or the TECO in Toronto/Ottawa/Vancouver

This is the one the TW Government recommended to me.

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Does this “business” need to be active business? I thought having the 200k in a bank account was enough? Thanks for the CPA recommendation.

Got it. I’m actually in Taiwan on a visitor visa right now. My visa will expire in mid-July though.

How is your salary declared on your tax return? Or, would an accountant be willing to write a declaration about your salary?

I retired about 8 years ago and before my retirement, I declared my employment income as well as GST (since I was self-employed) on my tax return. I could check if an accountant would be willing to write a declaration that my salary was above 160K before retirement but would that be enough?

Apologies, I’ve now paid greater attention to your previous posts. In your situation (with the caveat I’m not a lawyer, migration agent, etc) I would not recommend applying for the Gold Card under any of the Article 1 (“salary”) requirements. When applying under this condition there is an expectation that you will be working an earning a similar salary in Taiwan. Though in practice this has not been done, in theory the authorities can revoke your status if they are not satified with your earnings.

As an experienced professional, have you considered applying for the Plum Blossom APRC? It is a fairly high bar to meet, and the application will require the preparation of many documents. However, if successful, it’s just about the most flexible residence status you can get from Taiwan short of citizenship.

The bar for the Plum Blossom APRC is too high for me: Invest NT15 million and create 5 job opportunities! :astonished:

Ah, there are a few categories. Check the one "(2) Senior professionals needed in Taiwan with one of the following qualifications: " on https://www.immigration.gov.tw/5475/5478/141465/141808/147308/

Thanks for the info, @fifieldt but I don’t think I qualify. :cry:

My current options are:

  1. Get a job
  2. Open a rep office
  3. Invest 200K

About no. 3, I wouldn’t consider it an investment.
AFAIK, the money needs to be there only when you open the company. After the process is done, you can take it back.