Options to stay in Taiwan: Get a job? Setting up a rep office? Invest USD200K?

Your information is very helpful. Thank you.

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In some countries, if you buy a property (to live in) that is equal to or exceeds the required amount, you do not qualify for an investment visa.
Now, if the property is for rent, or if, for example, I am going to open my restaurant on that property, then it can be considered part of the capital for the investment visa.
in Taiwan someone knows about this point?

I was in much same situation as you.

Ok I recommend you do whatever option you decide on and get work permit remit to ARC before you leave Taiwan.

I had to leave Taiwan for a family commitment and had a business set up for me by CPA in my absence by POA.
All gone through have the work permit, however I still can’t return to Taiwan to start business because I don’t have a special permission needed from CECC to get a visa.
My money is stuck in Taiwan bank that I can’t access as I need to be in Taiwan in person to finally verify account.
So basically they happy to set business up, give me a work permit for ARC, I have to verify VAT on no trading but won’t let me in to trade.
I’ve decided to cut my losses, return to Taiwan possibly 2023, close business and bank account. Go where business minded western foreigners are welcome.
I could enter if I was SEA poorly paid and people they can abuse are what Taiwan wants.

It’s confusing, right? And there is not much info about it in the internet. Even on the official website.

I think it’s really meant for people who are setting up a business in Taiwan. Like what shen_shung described. Also based on Bimmerjeff’s experience on the other thread. Although they will probably ok putting the money in an investment fund from a local bank. And even then doesn’t seem to be that straightforward, and you need a local CPA help setting up the bank accounts, etc.

You will need a CPA to create the business to qualify for the investment visas. As a previous poster said making the business does not qualify you for the visa automatically, but it is required as part of the process. You have to hold the $200k in a local bank, and you will need the CPA or another local to help you set up the accounts it takes hours and all in Chinese. Once you deposit your funds it’s quite easy to invest within the same bank (stock or bond funds), and I am pretty sure you can use the money to buy a house as well. Pretty much anything can be bought as long as it’s in Taiwan and in TWD. I also bought my car with the business funds, as it was registered to the business. It’s a lot of hassle to set up the accounts and visa, but easy once this is done to use your money. One big thing you cannot do tho is pay your personal apartment rent! Also note when you leave for good you will have to pay a cpa to close the business via court system, cost me 8000ntd.

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