OPUS by Berkeley Breathed is back :bouncy:

The cartoon, or the Forumosa poster??

yes, he is…started up in the SF Chronicle back a few months back…

sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.c … 32J551.DTL

article from Nov. interview with Phil Frank another SF centric cartoonist. He’s mainly in on Sundays with a full page comic in the Datebook section of the Sunday SF Chronicle.

glad Opus is back from Antartica.

Its great to see Opus but I miss the rest of Bloom County,a nd would like to see them back too.


Yeah… what’s that about? Is it JUST Opus? I kind of liked the whole Bloom County…

[color=green]Click on the flightless waterfowl. [/color]

Sure it is not just reprints?

What about Milquetoast, Bob the Cat (Ack!), and Reagan?

An all-new Opus is running every week in the Sunday edition of the China Post. Not reprints…

I can’t believe you called Bill Bob. Ackpfffffth.

True story: in 1990, I convinced SWBell that my name was William D Cat. :moo: