Ordering Train Tickets on-line : webpage down

I’ve used this for ages, but last few days it’s not been working. After the random number check, keep getting
The page you searched for does not exist!

Is there an alternative url (still in English) I don’t know about?

not this govt one:


Thanks - never knew that existed.

I always liked the old-school no-frills approach of - I presumed that’s still part of the govt site, just accessed directly with the IP address.

i think I’ve had that as a part of my group of travel websites on laptop web browser favorites for nearly 2 decades. Years ago, the English version was severely lacking compared to the Chinese version

They are testing a new, improved system. It is on a test phase until the end of the month, then will go live in April. Please give feedback.

I’d love to give feedback but, where is the link?
I use this site (http://twtraffic.tra.gov.tw/twrail/EN_QuickSearch.aspx), is there a new one?

Let´s see:

Problem is … I see no Englishee.

Thoughts on that existing English site.

It’s crappy.

Ordering page - you’ve got to scroll down to fill in detail.
Random number check - the only button not on the screen is the Submit button, again you have to scroll down for that. Is it so hard to put everything on the screen at once? There’s so much white space there. Too much to ask for, TRA, of course.

I’m still pushing, except it now doesn’t work.

The website shows they have an app. Looking through comments (latest 2 days ago), people say it does not accept ARC ID numbers… @Marco