O'Reilly Advocates al Qaeda Attack on San Fran

Criticizing a ballot measure passed by 60 percent of San Francisco voters urging public high schools and colleges to prohibit on-campus military recruiting, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly declared on the November 8 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, “[I]f Al Qaeda comes in here and blows you up, we’re not going to do anything about it. We’re going to say, look, every other place in America is off-limits to you, except San Francisco.”

Considering how desperate the recruiters have been to fill in the shortfalls with anybody they can, using any dishonest or unethical means they can (calling in threats to a student in one case earlier), it might be seen as a bit of community backlash against current recruiting methods rather than a lack of support for our military. However, apparently that’s not enough for Bill O’Reilly, who feels that all 100% of San Franciscans should die for not allowing recruiters to come onto campuses to con their kids. No outrage from O’Reilly about the desperate methods used by recruiters these days to fill the ranks, but no real surprise there considering O’Reilly is the last person on this planet to speak out against liars.

Here’s the audio clip in which O’Reilly expresses his support for al Qaeda destroying San Francisco.

I find it more disgusting that O’Reilly advocates the destruction of an American city.

After not meeting its goals for its BY2005 by lowering standards and threatening students, it seems like the Army had a good October.

However, the parents don’t seem to be terribly unreasonable in this either. I think we, as a nation, were highly united after 9-11. We believed in the fight in Afghanistan to take out al Qaeda and anybody harboring them. Do you think the United States (and the parent of kids) want their kids dying because Bush had a personal obsession with Iraq?

The issue also involves privacy rights – the No Chld Left Behind law requires schools to give out detailed student information to military recruiters to get federal aid.

[quote]Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.) has introduced a bill that would rewrite the law so that families have to opt in rather than opt out of having their child’s information released.

Jerome Brocks, a parent in the D.C. public school system, said he wants more than better information about opt-out forms. He would like the military to be kept away from students, period. Last year, when his daughter was a senior, he said, he grew alarmed by how aggressively recruiters behaved. Brocks said recruiters called his home and asked to speak to his daughter more than a dozen times.[/quote]

If you consider the sorts of recruiting tactics that have been used during BY2005 (threatening kids with jail if they didn’t sign up), there is a legitimate concern.

Of course O’Reilly doesn’t want to talk about why voters might have concerns. He apparently wants to advocate the destruction of U.S. cities by al Qaeda.

More on O’Reilly:

MSNBC article

Omitted it? I guess he’s scared of the truth getting out of his new al Qaeda allies.

Here’s more local reaction:

[quote]Daly responded on the KRON 4 Morning News, “Coit Tower’s a monument to San Francisco’s firefighters. They put out the fires in San Francisco after the great quake. American heroes – they were there on Sept. 11 and now you want al-Qaida to blow up Coit Tower? Give us a break. You are out of line.”

John Hanley, president of the San Francisco Firefighter’s Union Local 798, was incensed.

“Coit Tower is a monument to the bravery of the men and women of the San Francisco Fire Department,” Hanley said. “When Bill O’Reilly makes an attack on Coit Tower, he’s attacking us and our bravery.”

He added, “Mr. O’Reilly, maybe we should bring you into some of our burning buildings and see how brave you are.”[/quote]


MFGR reporting something untrue!!! Remind me why I have him on ignore…

Fred, listen to the audio clip if you want. The link is in the post starting this thread.

[quote=“fred smith”]CS:

MFGR reporting something untrue!!! Remind me why I have him on ignore…[/quote]

Erm…what’s “untrue” about what MFGR reported?

Did anybody see the Daily Show a couple weeks ago when they were interviewing a SF Councilmen? They voted down dry docking the USS Iowa to make it a museum. Apparently they didn

Dry docking the USS Iowa?? Doesn’t the damn thing float anymore?? I’m against dry docking the USS Iowa because that ship was meant to float.

Getting back to this thread, O’Reilly advocates terror attacks on San Francisco and the deaths of further Americans (whether progressive, conservative, hippies, etc.) all because he doesn’t like the backlash of parents who don’t like the press-gang tactics and loss of privacy in the No Child Left Behind law. Now, I realize that a bit of smoke and mirrors have long been part of the whole enlistment deal, but for O’Reilly to suggest a terror attack? Is the man nuts???

Of course, true to GOP attack-dog form, they were sure to omit his nasty pro-terror comments from their website. Figures – O’Reilly has a reputation as a liar, bully and coward, why should we expect anything better from them?

MFGR - retention rates of the most important groups (like NCOs) usually go up in war time. There is no “shortage” at this point…yet…

Well, there’s no shortage if we also drop the numbers. As a guy I knew in college used to say as he headed over for ladies night at the local bar: “If at first you don’t succeed, lower your standards.”

I’m not sure, but these days that’s probably on Bush’s refrigerator.