Organ Harvesting Conference in China (Mandarin Practice)

There was a conference on Organ Harvesting in China on August 22. It was said there have been 1.5 million crimes on organ harvesting. Permanent Peace Association in Taiwan suggests, China should reform their constitutional laws in order to properly improve their human rights issue. (Permanent Peace Association in Taiwan)

法愛公德會藥方: 解決中國殘害人群問題的唯一解方就是中國要民主化,台灣最有能力引領中國民主化,中國身為聯合國的常任理事國,應率先遵守國際法,將國際絕對法(人道主義法、世界人權法、殘害人群罪、禁止酷刑)淩駕於本國憲法之上,並直接對人民發生權利義務。

How do you guys think?

To me, the thought of organs being harvested from Chinese political prisoners is horrifying.

If i ever needed a new organ i would definitely go for a free range one.

I worked a lot of harvests when I was growing up.
We would have murdered for an organ, the best we ever got was one guy blowing a little blues harp.