Organic Milk

I have recently moved to Taipei and have not been able to find organic milk anywhere for my toddler. I have heard some of the better brands are Fourways and Chu Lu Ranch milk, but they do not say organic or at least hormone free on the packaging. Anyone know where I can get some??

Chu Lu Ranch has organic milk. There are several organic/macrobiotic stores, like Cottonfields, that carry other brands.

There is a big organic supermarket in BeiPing East Road, number 30, 1st floor. It is close to Shantao Temple Station. They call it Tanhou -in Chinese tien as in “sky”, ho as in “and”.

Cottonfields there is a big one in Roosevelt, Section 3, number 273. Closest MRT is Taipower Building.

Melamine is an organic compound.


[quote=“urodacus”]Melamine is an organic compound.


as opposed to those pesky inorganic cyanomides? :lick:

great thanks! I will go check out Cottonwood.

What’s “organic milk”? The stuff that comes from mommy cows and goats?

It is made by people farmers have been certified (or at least, they should be).

And I who thought most drinking milk came from cows…
How do you farm people? :wink:

Fourways is 四方鮮乳 in Chinese. TTBOMK they do sell organic milk without additives and with low-temperature pasteurization. I’m under the impression that the reason that they aren’t certified organic is because of the difficulty and expense of such certification in Taiwan for food products, so that would account for the OP’s not seeing ‘organic’ on the packaging.

Acc. to their website: The grass their cows eat is grown on their own pasture, and they use self-produced organic fertilizers, and no artificial fertilizers or pesticides. When the cows are ready to milk, each has its own bed to sleep on which is designed to keep the cow’s udders cleaner so that the cow’s waste won’t affect the quality of its milk. All the cows are free range.

They actually have a delivery service, whereby you can arrange for delivery of a certain number of products on a weekly basis (minimum 2 bottles) with monthly billing, payable at convenience stores like 7-11, Hilife, OK and Family Mart or by ATM; they also sell yogurt, mozzarella cheese, gouda, crackers and mantou buns. Chocolate milk will also be available beginning in July. Their contact is Miss Xie4, 0922366844, and if you don’t speak Mandarin, ask for Zhu1 xiao2jie3 (Miss Zhu), who reportedly speaks some English.

EDIT: The milk is good and doesn’t curdle when you microwave it for your morning coffee the way the cheap 光泉 Guang1quan2 stuff does. The mozzarella is the chewy type, a bit bland IMO, and comes in small snack-bar packages; nothing to write home about and a little pricey, but if you insist on organic, you could certainly use this for snacking or in cooking (e.g. pizza). The “gouda” is not going to be the buttery, mild, creamy, slightly sweet and nutty gouda you might expect – it more closely resembles an aged, sharp gouda (for those not familiar, it’s close to a cheddar IMO), but if you just enjoy it for what it is instead of what they call it, it’s okay. :laughing:

8/2010 note: their service is very good, and we have had them deliver milk for many months without problems. The milk seems to last longer than the supermarket stuff, for whatever reason (maybe adulterated milk goes off more quickly?), and it never coagulates when added to hot coffee the way some of the big local brands do.

Could you tell me the cost for milk delivered from Four-ways? is there a delivery fee? I am wondering if the cost is much more than buying from stores, or if it is comparable. also, have you tried their yoghurt? If so, is it sugar free? and tasty? and cost of the yoghurt?

[strike]Sorry, but I don’t know; I don’t pay the bill. Try calling the number and ask? :smiley: I’ve not tried anything other than what I posted on above.

Edit: The prices are all on their website, here:
Looks like the milk is $77/bottle. The wee wifey says there’s no delivery fee if you set up regular delivery service such as two or three bottles every week, and a glance at this month’s bill appears to confirm this.