Organic Produce Home Delivery

for the lazy healthy person…

Anyone know organic produce places that will do a home delivery?

Yes but they only speak Chinese AFAIK:

248 Farmer’s Market Zhongxiao - Friday 14:00-20:00 Saturday 10:00-17:00 台北市忠孝東路四段248巷 Taipei, ZhongXiao E. Rd. Lane 248 7:51 PM
248 Farmer’s Market Tienmu - every Sunday 13:00-19:00 台北市士林區基河路258號HOLA和樂家居館 廣場 Taipei,Shilin, Jihe Rd. No.258 HOLA square 7:52 PM





See also the organic milk thread, as there’s a company, Fourway, which does home delivery of organic milk (good stuff) and organic cheeses.
Site is all Chinese but you can try calling them on the 0800 number.

I know a place up here on the north coast run by a Canadian. I’ll get the info for you and post it here in a few days or a week, whenever tfe farmer responds to my email.

Meet him, he’s a cool guy, he’s famous here, been on TV a ton of times, he was feeding the mayor of Taipei some lettuce a little while back :smiley:

We were at the Taipei International Vegetarian and Organic Food Festival 2010 today, and there were some suppliers who sell online and do home delivery. If you’re interested in this kind of thing, be sure to keep an eye out for the next show like this, and talk to some of the suppliers directly. I’ll list the details for at least one or two of them shortly, including one that has organic white and brown rice (home delivery is free with a minimum of six two-kilo bags).

Here’s a store with home delivery, connected to Orange Mart, the health food and organic grocery chain with three stores in Xinzhu and one in Banqiao:
I don’t know the details about a lot of their products, many of which are not labeled as ‘organic’ per se, but they do advertise completely free-range chicken raised on purely vegetarian feed, and inspected for antibiotics and drugs before sale, and organic coffee,for instance.

Here’s a link to a place in Nantou-partly in English. I hear the veggies are
quite good.


Please support organic farming in Taiwan. Grateful Growers farm in Nantou grows organic veggies. And they deliver! It is a small farm so there isn’t a HUGE variety what they have is always great quality. They also sell other organic produce grown by others in Nantou, such as fruits, rice, coffee, tea, etc. The owners are from the US. They were originally producers for CNN but now have turned to farming in Taiwan. For more information, please go to:

Cool. Looks good. Have you tried it? What are delivery charges like? Can you arrange when they will deliver so you don’t need to be home all day?

Yes, I order from them quite frequently. If you order over $2,000NT worth of food, then delivery is free. Otherwise it’s something like $100NT for delivery. You can also tell them to deliver in the morning or afternoon. We’ve never had a problem with the delivery. It’s quite convenient.

Seems like the contact information above is all for Taipei … anyone know of like this for Taichung?

Chinese is fine, I have a fluent bilingual translator close at hand :-).

Hi dobesv, and welcome to Forumosa! :slight_smile:

We have been ordering from the ATIPC (Association of Taiwan Indigenous People College recently, and you can also buy their goods on PChome. They presumably ship nationwide. Dragonbabe receives by email an updated Excel file every two to three days listing what they have in stock, and fills in the amount for the items we want, sends that back, and gets a phone call from Ms Cai4 for confirmation, then pays COD (but you can pay by ATM if preferred). You can contact Ms Cai at There’s free shipping for orders above NT$1,000. Their vegetables are very fresh and have been washed and bagged.

My wife found out about this website: just recently, but we haven’t bought anything from them yet, as she has had some trouble joining as a member.

We have bought vegetables and meat from TanHou天和, too, in their store as well as online. Their meat is from Penghu, and includes seaweed in the feed. The website is here: for updated Word file for ordering. There’s free shipping for orders above NT2,000; if you’re buying less, it’s better to visit their store, but there’s no Taizhong branch.

You can also try this: This website was started by a young guy who’s in his 20s. He is raising free-range chicken and growing some organic vegetables on his farm. He’s also helping local farmers who are growing their food organically.

We also ordered from this one once:
They don’t have a list of food for you to choose from. You tell them how big your family is, and what your preferences are (e.g. no coriander), and they deliver their choice of an assortment of vegetables, fruit, and sprouts that are in season and freshly harvested, homemade food (ex: steamed buns) and eggs (for family of 3-5 people) once a week. We stopped ordering from them because we don’t always use up the stuff delivered every week, so we have been ordering from ATIPC when needed.

You can also try this

Thanks to Dragonbabe for this info.

Wow, Dragonbones / Dragonbabe, that’s great!

I will give those a try.


I’m reviving an old thread and hoping someone has a tip. I am searching specifically for organic carrots. Home delivery would be nice.

I’ve been to six or so stores and they either have crappy carrots that have been peeled (and probably pesticide rich) wrapped with 2 or 3 per package or the organic stores have exactly no produce. Every organic store I have been to only has packaged stuff with a few meats/fish available.

I have been juicing carrots so I need a lot! I have been able to find organic spinach, apples, and other random veggies for juicing. But no carrots!

Somewhat to my surprise, the Quanlian/PXMart/全聯 near me has been stocking bags of organic carrots recently. That may be worth checking out.

Yeah, the organic stores are nice in principle, but you certainly can’t rely on them for having produce in stock.

Tried to PM you as we have half a case of organic carrots, but you may have disabled private messaging functions.

Sorry I missed it. I actually kept checking this thread on my phone and it showed no responses-it must have been showing my history and not refreshing. I did find a local shop that let me order in bulk.

Anyone got good suggestions to add to this somewhat dated thread?