Organic vegetable farmers demand apology from Consumers' Fou

Interesting…and what of 'heavy metals content?
No matter their efforts, I am very sceptical of any Taiwanese farmers claim to “Organic” standards.

[quote]Organic vegetable farmers demand apology from Consumers’ Foundation
Saturday, Apr 29, 2006,Page 2

Organic vegetable farmers yesterday demanded an apology from the Consumers’ Foundation for a report that it released two years ago accusing the farmers of selling organic vegetables that contained traces of pesticide.

The court had ruled in favor of the farmers on the issue two weeks ago. However, the foundation has said that it plans to appeal the case.

Speaking at a press conference hosted by Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Wei Ming-ku (魏明谷), the farmers called on the foundation to refrain from appealing the case and said that they were willing to call off the NT$700,000 (US$21,965) compensation that the foundation was supposed to pay in exchange for the publication of a public apology in major newspapers.

Two years ago, the foundation accused three organic vegetable farms certified by the Taiwan Organic Production Association in Hsinchu of using pesticides on their vegetables, based on the results of tests conducted by the foundation.

One of the farmers, Chiu Chien-hsun (邱乾勳), said he did not even know about the allegations until stores started calling to tell him that his farm had been dropped from their suppliers’ list. more at link … 2003305156[/quote]

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I’m shocked, just downright shocked that they found pesticides on organically labeled produce in Taiwan that was grown in Taiwan. :unamused:

Due to the lack of biological (Predator mites, ladybugs etc) and organic (neem oil) friendly choices in Taiwan. This will be a recurring problem especially if you use soil. I’d rather not go into the unpleasentness of organic hydroponics either, which with this heat in summer, would give fish emulsion a run for its money.