Organized crime in (and of) Taiwan

Holy shit?! Care to tell more?

Yeah I’ve known at least two who fled to Australia to hide the loan sharks. They generally go after the family of the victim , especially threarening the person’s little kids…

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I also know a family that moved to Brazil.Toe escape the debt collector . These debt collector are actuslly hired by regular banks.
Seems a bit counterproductive that one, moving to Brazil.

The mafia called to the company I was working for due to a shareholder dispute.
I was one of the only staff in the office that day , who was more surprised with this encounter…I don’t know…they left after delivering their message and generally ranting and raving. One of the shareholders hired them.

I’ve also been at meetings where it was discussed whether to get some brothers involved in a dispute or not.

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Actually a “friend” of mine is Taiwanese Brazilian he went back there over a dispute in Taiwan about counterfeit medicines (got to be one of the most immoral ways to make money). He was a "friend " but I never trusted him and kept my distance after that, anyone involved in counterfeit medicines has to be a real douchebag.
There is quite a large community of Taiwanese in Paraguay too where they pump out a lot of the fake Rolexes and such like.

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They’re still here but most of the big gangs mainly put their money in legit businesses these days such as real estate. There are lots of smaller , and much younger gangs around these days. That will murder for a 3000NTD debt just to make a point. Yup I mean 3000 about 100 bucks US
To knock of a foreigner the limit would go up of course, (I mean westerner )

Wonder what is actually going on in this country with organized crime.

See many what look like ex gang members selling food on side of road street carts, putting up the August ghost money structures outside office buildings etc. I assume from the tattoos

Are all these telecom scammers gang members ?

The sex industry and the binlan girls… the loan sharks … I guess they’re everywhere

You need to launder your money somehow.

The telecom scammers are usually in.gangs but low ranking and basically nothing to be physically worried about.
As for debts.
Basically if you borrow money the debt can be sold off to the gangs. So.lets say person.A owes 500 000NTD to person B. If person B can provide adequate proof to a gang that this is true then they can sell the debt off. The gang recovers the debt but person B may only get let’s say 50%.
However person B figures 50% is better than nothing so he sells off the debt.

Yep that’s how it works. Legitimate bad debts with legal banks often end up in the hands of these gangs. It’s bad stuff.

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How do you think legal debt collectors in the US work? Crooked companies, borderline criminal.

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Most gangs are not very large. What you see for the most part are the wannabes and the klingons . Everyone wants to act tough and get lots of tattoos but at the end of the day, they still have to sell shit at markets to make ends meet.


asking for a friend, where did you see them most often?

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just a bunch of hateful wannabes who can get tattoos but not the guts to be what they wanna be

Brothels. In my huuuuring days

I was watching a movie with the wife and it was about hitmen.
The fee per hit is discussed and comes out at 2000 pounds. I tell the wife that it’s only 80000ntd.
She goes 'so expensive ’ .
I think you might be right :joy:

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yeah I really hurt my career opportunities coming here , I was hoping for 20 000 US per hit but the going rate is 2000! Wages are really stagnating. :cold_face:

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I don’t think so. There is only so much space at the top and a limited amount of money. The people at the top don’t want to share with everyone. If someone steps out of place, the get fucked up and put in line. Who gets to join? Family, close friends, people they can trust. It’s the same everywhere.

they need soldiers.the soldiers are typically local junkies

she only said that to put you off her scent

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