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This site looks very promissing and professional. Most Web sites of this nature (topic) don’t get this kind of attention to detail. I am impressed. However, can I find a DATE with ORIENTED? I mean, think about the potential here!

Guys and gals,

The site looks great. Hope that everything works out.

I will be moving to Taiwan imminently, so I will be keen to see what other tid-bits of info you guys can provide me - and of course, if I can provide info back i will do so!

Thanks for putting this all together!

Resourceful, informative and interesting…

…are just a few words I’d use to describe this site. Having this site as a guide when I was about to leave the states (two months ago) has been very helpful. In turn, I ended up meeting some wonderful people through this medium (The people directory is priceless). The potential for online “networking” among global professionals is there as long as people are here to take advantage of it.

Great job!


This site is what I was looking for a long time.
I will be moving to Taiwan soon( from southern california).
I would like to get more tips like:
What to bring with me (appliances), is it better to buy a car or bring a car (company will ship it). Can I just drive with international drivers license ? or how to get one… and more if you think of any other things.
Thanks and see you soon,

Oriented.com kicked my ****and took my coat! The stories about the cows, chickens, and sweatshop rubber factorys were not only informative, but real tear jerkers. Keep up the terrific work!

Looks Great !

I saw a bookmark two weeks ago at Grandma Nitti’s restaurant and was eager to try the website ! A great place to answer and tie together all those questions like what to bring and where to buy …

I could not log on last week, but here you are this week !

Keep up the good work ! I’m just an English Teacher over here for a break from the States but I’d love to see this site be a success !


You folks out there did a brilliant job with this site.

Though I managed to gather some info in bits and pieces from other sites and by visiting Taipei over a period of 6 months, this site has managed to piece them all together.

I hope that this site will continue to make leaps and bounds.

Jesus Christ! when will anybody put any info on how to invest in the stock market!

Sure… I make the assumption that you’re not an R.O.C. citizen and that you may or may not be familiar with how the market works around here.

Just open up an account with Barits (barits.com.tw) with your ARC, I think it’s one of the first securities houses in Taiwan that has an online trading site in ENGLISH (though my understanding is that all will do so in the near future, Capital Securities being next in line). You’ll need your chop and passport as well.

It’s easy to open up an account, and the receptionist at the Barits (Sung Deh branch) is extremely helpful. She even filled out the paperwork for me when I opened up my trading account, at which point you’ll need to open up a savings account with Land Bank to move money in and out. (This is all explained to you, they’ll tell you what to do).

From their website, you can keep track of the market activity while it is open (which is only from 9 to noon) and look up all the listed companies, which are by number instead of ticker name. A fast Internet connection will be key.

If you’re a regular investor in the U.S. markets, it’ll take you one session to figure it out, the Twn stock market is that easy. Getting info on companies (in English that is) is the hard part, although Capital’s website is helpful sometimes and I believe others may offer some analyses in English as well. Hope this helps.

Some of what I’ve read on ORIENTED is helpful. However, Deo Durant’s “Jesus Christ!” comment (under TOPIC REVIEW) is offensive.

Thank you


I would really like to see some place that would advise me where I can get some of the basics:

Subway map in English
Decent English map of Taipei county
English driver’s education booklet


An Oriented Story

Beside the predominance of English teaching opportunities in the jobs section of this site do not under estimate its potential to deliver beyond your expectations.

My name is John Cappo and I run the Greater China business for a company called International Management Group (IMG). It is difficult to describe exactly what I do and my realm of responsibility so I will skip it. To give you an idea though, I work for Mark McCormack – the guy who wrote What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School. Anyway, I am not writing this to tell you about me but about the employee — employer match that was generated over this site. We have been looking for several months for a very unique individual to run our basketball league in China. This person was required to have excellent Chinese, a real passion for the culture, a willingness to dedicate themselves to learning the business or running a basketball league and a commitment to working in China. We had several ‘professional’ headhunting companies working on this case and I interviewed dozens of people and read through stacks of resumes. I also posted the information on the Oriented Job section. I received many responses and one of which was from Bill. Bill was in the US and was looking to find an opportunity in return to Asia. We exchanged several emails and it so happened that I going to New York on business the following week. Bill drove over 8 hrs. to NY to come up for an interview. After a discussion and dinner my colleague and I hired him on the spot. He was perfect for the job and he thought the job was perfect for him. We moved him out to Hong Kong to join IMG.

We found the ideal person and Bill is now based in Hong Kong running the Hilton Baseball League in China – his dream job.

John Cappo
International Vice President
Managing Director - Taiwan

I visit the site often and would really like some links to info about resources dealing with life OUTSIDE Taipei.


Dear Oriented-Team,

I’m wondering whether you can help me out with a piece of information which I have been looking for everywhere on the net in vain.

I know that every year in october, there is a marathon in Taipei, and I would like to register for the 2000 event. Do you know where I can do this? I’d be most grateful for an answer!

Please reply to nielscremer@hotmail.com, the same address you send the newsletter to!

Thanks & xie xie

Hello and yes! We know what you are talking about… it’s called the Terry Fox Run, and we actually have some information from last year’s run that you can peruse for details.

Hope this helps.

Your Legal warning about copyrights does not have the name of your company in Chinese unless said browser has Chinese ready code.

Parhaps you can put in a graphic image there, and possibly elsewhere. Just a thought

Brian, thank you for the feedback, it’s an important point. We’ll get to it as soon as we can.

Gus and Christine
ORIENTED Administrators

Any ideas about where one can arrange personal insurance (fire, theft etc) in Taiwan, preferably with a company which can deal with clients in English?

Ta very much


Dear Kyle,

This is a question that is frequently asked and that we will be looking into as soon as we can. We hope to have some information on this soon.

Gus and Christine