Orthodontist/Invisalign in Taipei

Hey folks, any recommendations? I want to dump my old retainers (one of which doesn’t fit anymore, mia culpa) for Invisalign. Any recommendations around Taipei? My friend back in Australia got a set for 500 dollars, so it seems the price is finally approaching reasonable. I don’t know anyone around here that’s even had orthodontics, otherwise I’d ask around people I know.

I’ve done a bit of searching of the forum and found little concrete recommendations. Someone recommended a Dr James but his practice “doesn’t treat foreigners”, despite proudly advertising his association with the New York body of orthodontists. I’ve found listings of orthodontist practices for Taipei but they’re practically indistinguishable aside from who offers Invisalign and who doesn’t. I’d rather not have to spend weeks shopping around all the orthodontists to find the best!


You could find doctors who do invisalign here ↓
invisalign.com.tw/how-do-i-g … d-a-doctor
Call them to ask whether they take foreign patients or not.

according to this blog, the price of invisalign is about $ 130,000~190,000 NTD, approximately 2-3 times than traditional one.
[rose695028.pixnet.net/blog/post/ … 5%E8%A8%98](http://rose695028.pixnet.net/blog/post/156594635-2012-04--我是牙套妹-(初めて私のinvisalign日記)

  1. Where do you live? I have seen an ad for that in Xindian

  2. Have you been to the Priority Care Center in the Adventist Hospital?

  3. Lovely. heven’t heard that “we do not treat foreigners” in a while. Wonder if they know about the special services promoted abroad for people to come to Taiwan for medical attention? Funny.

[quote=“joey0825”]You could find doctors who do invisalign here ↓
invisalign.com.tw/how-do-i-g … d-a-doctor
Call them to ask whether they take foreign patients or not.

according to this blog, the price of invisalign is about $ 130,000~190,000 NTD, approximately 2-3 times than traditional one.
[rose695028.pixnet.net/blog/post/ … 5%E8%A8%98](http://rose695028.pixnet.net/blog/post/156594635-2012-04--我是牙套妹-(初めて私のinvisalign日記)[/quote]

Thanks mate. I saw your old post but the link for the invisalign listing was broken in that post, and I’ve been hoping the price had come down a little bit from what that blog suggested since then (or would be less for a single set rather than a full treatment plan).

Shuanglian. I’ll travel for decent medical service, though.

Didn’t know about it, will check it out, thanks!

Really made my blood boil. The dude’s trained in the USA but honkey money’s not green enough for him I guess. I didn’t know Taiwan was a medical tourism destination! To be honest the services are as far as I can tell worse than Australia’s, but they’re a darn sight cheaper that’s for sure. I’d probably go to one of those super-hospitals in Thailand if I had the money and time.

Most bigger hospitals like Taida or Shinkong or Far East or Chung gen -this last very good- have separate wings for medical “tourism”, mostly Overseas copatriots or ethnic Chinese who have no NHI but prefer service sion their language. Very fancy, hotel like services, fast and still reasonably priced.

I actually distrust people here with these ubiquitous Fancy Ivy League degrees. Especially in areas where such schools are not famous.

On a mere human level, as a foreign student, one thinks he must have had a very bad experience abroad or has been cheated silly by a multitude of atogas to resort to refuse services here. Is he afraid we’ll have some disease? Aren’t we all blood tested -even poop tested- before we step on thsi Island? Is he afraid we do not ehave enough money to pay? Maybe we can pay up front? Or is it a communicatin issue, in which case he could be more polite about it and refer you to a doctor with more skills in that area?

But, it is his office and as an open market, if he refuses services, you can go elsewhere, in the thousands of offices, and just choose among hundreds that may offer what you ar looking for. That is good business.

Thanks for the advice folks. Looks like I’ll have to shop around after all. I’ll update for future reference as to what I settled upon and how much, just in case another person ends up in the same boat as me.

Hi, is anyone has any updated recommendations for an orthodentist that can put Invisalign ?

I got quoted 180k ntd in a random dentist, but a bit unsure about references and how many invisalign cases the dentist already got .


Hi marcopoloTW,

I heard a lot of foreigners go to Dr. Lin in Tienmu. I’m not sure about the price if it’s expensive or not.


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Hi there, I need some advice from experienced folks here. Just moved to Yunlin County last December 2020. My oldest son has to have his 2 molars removed and needs to wear invisalign. The local Catholic hospital here is charging me 320,000NT+. They said that’s the total final cost to have the molars removed, installing and maintaining invisalign. It can go up to as much as 400,000nt. Any advice here. I don’t mind to go to other cities as long as I can save in the long term. I’m closer to Taichung but don’t mind traveling to Taipei. Much appreciate your advice. Thanks.

I went (well, still going) here in Banqiao. A couple of years ago I started, and at that time they capped the price at around 200,000NT for patients regardless of the severity of the problem or expected duration of treatment. I don’t imagine they have changed their pricing that much. The dentist has tonnes of experience with invisalign.

The first place I went to was some fancy clinic with slick marketing that quoted me more than 300k (at least), charged me 1,000 for a very rudimentary initial check, and didn’t have a great attitude. The place I go did a comprehensive check first time (for 150NT I think) and were able to talk me through exactly what would likely be involved, expected timings and so on. I feel they have communicated with me clearly and honestly the whole time.

The staff (including the dentist) don’t speak English at all though. If communicating in Chinese isn’t a problem, I’d really recommend them.


Thanks so much for the info. I’ll definitely check this place out :). Do you recommend any doctor there that treat you? Take care.

I think it’s just the one dentist just now. He was talking about hiring someone else because he is so busy, but the last time I was there it was still just him and he is largely just doing invisalign. His name is 呂仁團. Really nice and patient guy, I would imagine that in the event your kid was nervous at the dental clinic, he’d put him at ease.

Greatly appreciate your info​:grin::+1:. Thanks.