Other fast food joints that traumatised you

My first job (that didn’t involve working for my dad) was in 1969, at Rusty’s Hamburger Drive-In, a local knockoff of McDonald’s. I mean, where else could a teenager earn US$1.25 an hour and come home smelling like overused fry oil?

I can still remember the assistant manager insisting I really, really needed to hear this new song, Communication Breakdown. Hamburger joints were ubiquitous when I was a kid. I’ve always been a regular consumer, even though I no longer have to worry about smelling like hamburger grease even after I shower.


My first time in the US visiting my cousins in Maryland, first thing I wanted to eat when I landed was fast food. I begged my aunt to go to a burger king when we drove past one. I think I was maybe 7 or 8. Of course i’ve been to burger king and other American fast food before in Taiwan. But I really wanted to eat the real deal.

I’ve always liked american fast food. I think they get a bad rep because people over do it and order ridiculous amounts and wash it down with a 40oz soda. What food could you eat like that and not be obese? I’m not going to say it’s the most healthy option but people honestly eat so ridiculously and blame it on mcdonalds being unhealthy. Places like McDonalds provide kids with a place to play a lot times. Not every kid has a family that can take them on exciting trips and express passes to disney land. For a lot of kids, going to Mcdonalds was a great trip with food and playing on their playground with other kids.

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20 years ago, in San Francisco, I remember homeless people begging for food in one. It’s probably a lot worse now.

If you’re going to beg for food, it makes sense to beg where the food is.

Did they also beg at Whole Foods?

The KFCs here suck. I need a real Zinger burger and the chicken needs the colonel’s real recipe, not that extra crispy crap.



What the :banana: are you guys talking about.


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everyone there still prefers jollibee I think

I went to jollibee’s once in Manila and ordered a hamburger after all it is a hamburger joint. Got a few strange looks. A Pinoy friend of mine explain to me even though over 50% of their menu is hamburgers most people order the chicken there.

Is the Burgerking in Shida still operating?

Don’t know. I never see it, but at the airport anyway. Then again, I live in Kaohsiung where there’s definitely no BKs. :pensive:

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Oh yeah, I forgot your location.

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Sometimes I wish I could forget too. :wink:

In N Out have the worst fries, which is crazy because you can see the fresh potatoes right in front of you). They are only tasty for about 30seconds.

I have a soft spot for Jack in the Box oil dipped tacos.

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Yeah, they just moved a couple doors over

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I haven’t had a whopper for ages. Might be due a trip to Taipei.

Meh, I just care about the burgers. Fries are a good accompaniment, but they’re not what will get me to go back to a place. I still dream about In-N-Out burgers.

You want to be careful…

Is it time to cry about Burger Stop again???


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