Other jobs pay, conditions compared to teaching in Taiwan?

I just spotted the post in the job listings for a communication specialist at Acer. Having formerly been a technical writer in the U.S., I thought I’d check it out. But I’m quite surprised by the salary mentioned, which is much lower than any English teaching job, yet the requirements are far more than any teaching job requires:

“Job description includes writing, editing, and conceptualising creatives for product marketing and corporate business materials, in addition to writing/editing technical documents. Highly proficient English writing skills and strict attention to detail are essential, along with an admirable degree of originality, and an appreciation for multi-layer teamwork. Knowledge of spoken Chinese is advantageous. Initial salary offering is $42K per month. Please note that Acer offers a minimum 14-month salary per year, along with other worthy benefits: annual performance bonus, company stock, bus transportation, onsite gym, and more. Please send your resume and two writing samples to …”

So, now I’m wondering, what are the pay or conditions like at other jobs, such as editing, script writing, technical writing like in Taiwan compared to teaching? I’m really confused as to how I would be paid so much less for a job that would demand so much more of my experience and skills then reviewing numbers with my technical university students. So, does everything pay less than teaching?

Lots (most?) of editing pays considerably less than teaching, but the upside is that you don’t have to teach. However, that Acer job is a pure and simple rip-off. They’re looking for a drone that can breathe unassisted, despite their fancy, if somewhat incoherent, ad copy and that’s exactly what they’ll get.
I get more than what they’re offering for a part-time gig and I’m fecking underpaid.