Other than bars, where do lonely (Western)hearts go to meet?

It’s the idea of brown-nosing with Amcham people that bothers me … I’d be all for an independent get-together.

The meeting yesterday was pleasant. If you are a frequent poster, people will know you, that’s always a start. I tried to locate crancy, managed to find juba and heard that poagao was there too. A majority of the amcham reps there were young and female - not business types at all.

I think that if you are a youngish foreigner or ABC living and working in Taiwan, you are likely to find like-minded people there. That said, illegal English teachers were a bit thin on the ground.

It was enjoyable. I plan to attend a few more of them.

I was there for a bit, although the front door looked like the MRT during rush hour. I wear a sticker with “Poagao” on it to ward off the Amcham types. Works rather well, actually.

I was there as well, but mostly talked to a girl I met right at the entrance and who was as new as I was. The people seemed rather decent, and the Amcham people didn’t really bother us. But still, we had to shout to talk to each other, and we always seemed to be standing in somebody’s way. So, I wouldn’t mind an alternative to meetings in a pub.


We need a secret sign or handshake so that segue/oriented people can recognize each other on the street. Then we can spraypaint the secret sign on the side or a building so that members know which abandoned warehouse will be the site of our drunken antics, who is going to bring the sacrifice, burning/non-burning, etc.

What’s wrong with AmCham people?

If you mean me, I was there, talking with Juba and Poagao – as well as with Maoman, Alien, and several others. But I was labeled “Mark” rather than Cranky Laowai. Next time I’ll use my handle on the nametag.

Cranky, that’s I just can’t stand people using aliases on web sites. I mean, I write Holger and everybody knows who I am.

I made it down to Juba and had a beer with him until my boss wanted me to find out where to park the huge monster he rides around town in. Afterwards, I didn’t make it back to the end, but was caught up near the entrance.

However, I would suspect that my work attire would stop you from looking at my name tag :wink:

I don’t know about most people, but I have an online alias just so that, when my boss reveals that he’s actually an agent program and tries to get me to join his evil cause with some deal, calling me “Mr. Lin”, I can rejoin with “Dude, my name’s Poagao!” before I open up a world of disconnectivity on his ass, to mix several bad metaphors.

Don’t forget, Christine and Gus were there too. Christine plastered a name tag on me, actually two, one with my alias.
I met Juba first time, but got distracted by other happy imbibers to get a chance to chat. Hey, Juba, next time, ok?

Poagao, maoman, cranky, and lots of my segue voyuer mates again, as usual.
But the bad thing was that I ended up calling in sick today so i kind of wish those happy hours were on fridays, instead.

A dip in La dolce vita’s pool sure took care of the hangover though, i must say.

[color=indigo]Why not? Why “of course?”[/color]

[color=indigo]If I am a “man of today” then yes.[/color]

B.B. wrote:
Of course I never make eyes back

shy guy Juba wrote:
Why not? Why “of course?”

I don’t know why I put it that way, but hey, if I’m a person good at that, do I still need to wonder where to meet guys? :wink:

Actually I don’t want to be one of those girls who are good at flirting or making eyes with many guys! I just need one guy who shares the similar values and matchs with me. But it seems that before that person shows up, I have to meet some guys first and narrow them down to only one. But the process would be tiring, isn’t it? :frowning:

Naaaaah, I’m not that pessimistic. Dating per se is a pleasant thing, don’t want to take it too serious in an early stage of dating.

I thought it was the Amcham people who went there to brown-nose the Segue people :wink: - Actually, who were the Amcham people? I expected a higher profile from them, with an information table or something.

Of course, it’s perfectly possible to be both AmCham and Segue. A friend of mine who works for AmCham posts here occasionally. Or does “AmCham people” here refer to those select few who have larger company allowances for their electricity bills alone than most of us make in salary? :shock:

Pardon my ignorance, but what/who on Earth does “Amcham” refer to?


<-------- see that space right there?

When you feel lonely, put a nice picture of you up there, and we’ll all come knocking.

Oh…mmm…and your number.

No, I’m not dubya!

Thanks a million for the clarification, Alien! :smiley:

Vincent, could you tell me where “you go for walks in the woods”? I have not found any parks or open space to walk freely without getting hit by cars or motorists or without choking myself with the exhaust from automobile. I got excited if I see some trees lined up on the sidewalk. Ha! Call me pathetic but I do miss the state parks in the States a lot. Yeah, you got it right - I am not in Taipei.

Ditto here. I also would like to know where the Westerners hang out. I keep myself busy with a full-time job and a part-time job, but I do miss having an intelligent conversation with people (regardless gender or nationality). Calling my friends in the States tends to get a bit costly after a while (that’s why I need a part-time job). I am not looking for a relationship (serious or casual) but I do enjoy learning things from other foreigners here if you don’t call me a moron. :mrgreen:

So, where are you interesting people? Show me your ugly face! :unamused:

Amcham - American Chamber of Commerce