Other than bars, where do lonely (Western)hearts go to meet?

Hello, are there any people or places which help Westerners wanting to date other Westerners in Taiwan? For complex personal reasons I would rather date someone from my own culture and with my own values, but we seem to be spread all over the island.

Maybe you could suggest to Gus and Christine that we start a new forum for personal ads. I agree that foreigners have much more in common with other foreigners than with Taiwanese people. All of the values are different. For example, I’ve noticed that almost every time I tell a Taiwanese person about something I hate about Taiwan, they refuse to agree with me and instead think it’s their duty to “defend Taiwan”, which is very annoying.

But the problem of looking for a foreign girlfriend in Taiwan is that about 90% of the foreigners in Taiwan are male.


But the problem of looking for a foreign girlfriend in Taiwan is that about 90% of the foreigners in Taiwan are male.

But most of them go after local girls, don’t they? :wink:

Or perhaps Vincent prefers the 90% as he didn’t specify any gender?
(Not that I would have any problem with that …)

Foreign women ARE out there (I’m living proof), but we’re definitely a minority. In my opinion, the problem with the dating scene here isn’t just a numbers issue. A lot of women I know who’ve been here for awhile tell me they stopped looking for a relationship pretty quickly because they felt disillusioned by the dating pool of foreign men. If your only encounters with foreigners are in bars like Carnegie’s, I’m starting to understand why they’d feel that way. Maybe there are good guys out there, but they aren’t the visible ones.

That brings me back to the original question:

Where can lonely hearts meet? I’d like to know. Two months in Taipei…and I have absolutely no idea. Personal ads might work, but I’m a little skeptical. Have you seen what gets posted on Tealit?..Let me quote one for you: “Little Chinese girl wanted for ‘sandwich’ party.” Would Segue really want to monitor those sorts of ads? I doubt it…

Wow, this is a great subject. What about having a sort of monthly meeting place, at say a nicer establishment than the average bar or club? Maybe something like what Oriented- sorry, Segue- has every month for people to hang out and socialize, but more geared for us foreigners? Any comments?

For complex personal reasons, I’m planning on establishing a local chapter of the KKK. It’s going to be a great place where people who think like me, talk like me who just don’t give a fuck like me can get together.

Maybe there are good guys out there, but they aren’t the visible ones.

Must be talking about me … :laughing: :wink:

What’s KKK?

Though I’m not looking for a date, I’d love to meet some foreigners like me, who like Taiwan but have their moments of bad feelings, who speak enough Chinese to get through but don’t feel like reading a Chinese paper every morning, who are here for business but can also talk about something else, who want to meet Taiwanese but don’t mind talking to foreigners once in a while, who like a drink now and then but don’t care for spending whole nights in bars or clubs getting drunk and deaf.

If I was more outgoing, I’d probably already have met more people. But with work and all (sleeping in and doing the household on weekends), time passes so quickly that I pass whole weeks without talking to more people in person than my German neighbour and his Taiwanese wife (they are really nice, though).

Are there people like that out there? Where do they meet?


There are several of that sort in my office. :mrgreen:

I am with Iris on this one and not only because I am German, too. :wink:

Don’t like to drink until I pass out (in fact I hardly drink) nor do I actually like to hang out in bars at all.
That said I have no regular place to hang out and don’t know of any where I would meet “my kind” though I have some local friends which I meet once in a while (going on day trips or to the cinema for example).

If they are not available I also do spend most of the time sleeping or watching TV at home … sad actually, isn’t it?

“Where can lonely hearts meet”? Sounds cheesy, but speaks for many. I’m wondering too. I’m pretty, smart, with nice figure, but don’t like to hang out at pubs, don’t consider dating co-workers, so what other choices do I still have for meeting guys? I mean good, normal and mature guys, either Taiwanese or foreign! Is dating or meeting people nowadays so luxurious to ask for?

So if you (in general) are one of those good guys (single and unattached), tell me where you usually hang around. I really wonder

what about the oriented.com happy hours? never been to one myself, but i assume there are a lot of westerners there.

If you want to meet any kind of guy, try tealit :laughing:
Oriented happy hours is probably good too. Have been there once and enjoyed it. I am more into meeting new and exciting people - a gf would probably make my wife go ballistic.
If you don’t want to date people you meet at the office, and don’t want to go to bars, then you make it harder on yourself. You’ll have to rely on friends, gate-crashing parties etc. Even nice guys go to bars once in a while. :wink:

Local competition is also an issue. But well, most people end up in relationships, so you’ll probably succeed too - even though the selection here is a bit limited.

I wouldn’t call myself normal :laughing: , but I work, study, go walking in the woods, visit cultural events. I’m open to new things.

I suppose the poster who blames statistics is right. I don’t meet many Western women here (has to be a woman, sorry all you degenerates!) who are unattached and old enough to think of someone pushing forty as a romantic possibility. And I don’t drink, which eliminates one common method of overcoming obstacles to romance, whether good or bad.

I understand that some people automatically associate the desire to date other Westerners with Nazism or the KKK.* I actually love Asian cultures, but even those who have intermarried will concede that there are important drawbacks to consider. For example, do you want to live in a Chinese-style family, where everyone is basically codependent? Well if you intermarry, you will be a part of one, and your children will inherit many of these values (which, I note, are not especially liberal on such matters as racism or feminism).

*Translation for Iris: The Ku Klux Klan, an American white supremacist organization known especially for its lynchings and cross-burnings. Most active after the U.S. Civil War, and again during the 1920’s. You know, the guys in the white hoods…?

*Translation for Iris: The Ku Klux Klan, an American white supremacist organization known especially for its lynchings and cross-burnings. Most active after the U.S. Civil War, and again during the 1920’s. You know, the guys in the white hoods…?[/quote]

Thanks Vincent. Of course, I know what the Ku Klux Klan is. I guess I just didn’t catch the irony in the post and thus couldn’t figure it out.

I like this forum, and I like this post, even though I’m not looking for a date (I have the best b/f in the world in Germany, and, btw, he’s over forty :laughing: ). So, if any of you have come to a conclusion where to meet or what to do, I’d love to hear it.


I do go to pubs once in a while, as a group with my friends or coworkers. Sometimes guys stare at me (well, I’m definitely not a bloated type), but they never approach me. Of course I never make eyes back, but my point is: Are men of today generally shy? Don’t men make moves anymore because they are so afraid to be turned down? Are normal and nice people who have difficulties in meeting or going out with the opposite sex usually too proud? Oh, my god, I sound like Carrie in the Sex and the City!!

Maybe at this point we should arrange a meeting ourselves!?

Any suggestions where, when and how to - if you are interested that is!?

With “where” I mean what kind of place, not a name (not yet).

Well, there’s always tonight:

But I don’t have a good sense of where this place is.

I had thought about going tonight, as Anhe Road isn’t far from my office (running roughly from North to South east of Tunhua Road, Sec. 1 must be somewhere north of Hsin Yi Road).

I just don’t like to be in a place where there are too many people I don’t know. And from the pictures of other happy hours, it seems pretty crowded. Any experiences to share?


Rascal Wrote:

[quote]Maybe at this point we should arrange a meeting ourselves!?

Wow, thank you. But I’m Taiwanese. I join this thread because I wonder too about the “where can two lonely hearts meet?” question, not because I’m a foreigner looking for another foreigner. So if you don’t mind meeting or going out with a local girl, then I would say “why not?”

But I’m ill at ease to set up personal meeting with somebody PUBLICLY. So if you are still interested, please send me private message for this. Well, just talking, and then meeting, or going out, not too serious or too fast YET, right?!!!

Also, I would like to respond to the Taiwanese family thing. I also wonder why most Taiwanese are so codependent within their families. I think mine is not a typically local one. I mean, of course I respect my parents, but don’t want to live with them or see them everyday. We sisters are all independent; we make important decisions on our own despite their objection. We know very well that they can’t control our lives (although they might want to to some extent), but we do. Actually my parents (especially my mom) have got used to this since long time ago. Family bond exists in every single person’s heart, but how far it should reach depends on our values and choices. And I do think there are many locals out there hold the same views like me.