Otherkin of Formosa Unite!

I can’t fight what I really am any longer. I saw a dog doing his business in Ximen and its owner was cleaning up after it. It’s time for me to embrace my inner other and be one with my kin. Yes, I am an Otherkin.

In a prior life, I was a dog. Dogs have a right to poop wherever they want, so long as someone bags it. If men who claim to be women get to enter the restrooms, lockers and so-on of the ladies, my powerful belief (which has both psychology and religious elements) that I was a dog in a prior life means that I should be allowed to poop wherever I want, provided that I (or someone else) bags it shortly afterwards. If you disagree then you are a racist. :hand:

My true identity is a My Little Pony character.

That would be speciesist.

Full disclosure: I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.