Outcry at plan to restrict Taiwan-China marriages

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Outcry at plan to restrict Taiwan-China marriages

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Taiwan’s controversial plans to restrict Chinese women from marrying its men sparked strong criticism from the island’s leading opposition party Tuesday.

Taiwan and China, split in 1949 at the end of a civil war, and are still technically at war despite commencement of civil contacts in 1987.

Taipei’s interior ministry is looking at plans to restrict Chinese women from marrying Taiwanese men on the grounds that it is causing hostility across the Strait.

A sociology professor authorised by Taiwan to draft a new population white paper for the island, raised the controversy during a public hearing hosted by the ministry Monday, the Taipei-based China Times said.

Tsai Ming-chang, of National Taipei University, said he was uncomfortable with with the large number of cross-Strait marriages, given Beijing’s repeated threats to invade Taiwan should the island declare formal independence.

“The spouses from the mainland do not necessarily identify with Taiwan…therefore, there should be some reasonable measures regarding the rights of Chinese couples,” he said.

Tsai also used divorce statistics among cross-Strait marriages to support his proposal.

According to figures compiled by the ministry from 2004 through 2006, out of every 100 such marriages, 55 couples registered divorces, compared with the divorce ratio of 46 for every 100 domestic couples.

Among Tsai’s proposed restrictions is the number of Chinese spouses allowed for permanent residence here should be reduced to 4,500 per year, down from 6,000 at present.

But his plans sparked strong criticism from Taiwan’s leading opposition party Tuesday.

Yang Tu, a spokesman for the island’s major opposition Kuomintang (KMT) party, said if the drafted white paper was enacted it would strip people of “fundamental human rights entitled by the constitution and Taiwan’s international image as a country respecting human rights would be marred.”

“Taiwan often criticised China’s poor human rights records. Now it would be very unwise for Taiwan to do the same thing,” he said.

The interior ministry tried to play down the marriage controversy saying “it is simply a proposal which will not necessarily become government policy.”

The Chinese articles have more detail.

Just yet another example of the petty agenda for social revolution that hard-core TI activists are desperately trying in order to preserve their pure nation.

I wonder how some forumosa posters feel about this. Because you know once they are done restricting Mainlanders, they will go after HK’er, then Macau’er, then the Chinese Singaporeans, etc. Until eventuall they go after foreigners in general.

Xenophobia is rarely restricted.

[quote=“ac_dropout”]I wonder how some forumosa posters feel about this. Because you now once they are done restricting Mainlanders, they will go after HK’er, Then Macau’er, then the Chinese Singaporeans, etc. Until eventuall they go after foreigners in general.

Xenophobia is rarely restricted.[/quote]

I believe we’ve got t-shirts with 新台灣人 floating around somewhere? :stuck_out_tongue:

I love all those scare stories about our aging society, the falling birthrate, incentives for more babies, etc., but when it comes to immigration from China, suddenly the government remembers that Taiwan is the second most densely populated nation on the planet.

Uh, maybe I missed something, but it seems that this guy (who I agree is a bit of a nutter), is proposing restrictions and quotas on residency, not marriage. Care to change the title of the thread?

Hong Kong has long done the same to mainland spouses, although the present quotas are so high that they are never filled.

Godamn you, Jive, don’t let truth get in the way of a good story! :laughing:


er… targets residency not marriage?.. right, so Taiwanese men would be free to marry mainland women, as long as the mainland women remained on the mainland… I’m sure that’ll do wonders for the divorce rate…

more “turn the map 90 degrees” caliber thinking from the DPP then… :unamused:

That’s the most important sentence in the story. Even if it wasn’t kicked out by the legislature, what do you really think the chances are of this being addressed before the DPP is ousted in 2008?

I didn’t write the headline to the article. Click on the original link, and send your correction to someone who cares.

Yes, many countries have limitations on migrants. Few modify this limitation on the basis of an alleged 10% greater divorce rate. I think most of us understand the real motivation behind the new limitation.

cctang, just because a french dork wrote that bad, doesn’t mean you have to follow it…

And just because a guy made a proposal, doesn’t mean it will ever pass. But hey, as far as I know, the favourite women in the Hsinchu area are the Ukrainian, go figure it out…

Also, they just closed some marital agencies as they where illegal (some laws from the old days) and you have to understand how many of these gals come here for prostitution. It is a very sensitive question, because it addresses people’s rights to marry who they want to. My government has the same policies (not specifically against China, but China and Taiwan are in the same boat as many other countries) and if it wasn’t for the fact that the guys in Macau (my Consulate) have excellent experience in these cases, I would have had a lot more problems in getting married there.

This is of course very different from the poor Southern Taiwanese that come to Taipei for prostitution?

Sure. they aren’t foreigners to being with… dammit AC you are slow today!!!

And the northerners go to Kaohsiung.

It’s embarressing for a local lass to meet up with people she knows if she stays in the her locale…

What if her dad brother or cousins pop in by chance to where she works?

sat, you didn’t see the implication on AC’s words that southerner woman = Chinese woman. It’s from the south, and that is another country…