Outdoor adventures

I just got an e-mail about some outdoor activities. I went rock climbing with Fresh Treks last year – it was a lot of fun & pretty cheap :wink: Has anybody else gone on any of their activities?

They have a website, but it’s a little hard to get to the calendar. You have to go to: freshtreks.easyplay.com.tw/l.asp?P=coming#
and then click on “Refresh Content.” Weird.

The e-mail came with some cool pix. Contact their guide Jean-Marc by e-mail FreshTreks@FreshTreks.com & I’m sure he’ll be happy to send them to you (although this particular e-mail had around 8 pictures – nearly 300 KB!).

Dear Friends,

Summer is almost here and the weather is really starting to warm-up. We have a few activities still available for you to participate in.
FreshTreks knows that during this period it is not so easy to leave Taiwan and will do our to help you escape the city with fun and safe alternatives.

Paintball and ATV: (4X4 motorbike) this Saturday, May 17th - Available
Another reminder, since the weather is getting hotter we will only have two more trekking dates before summer. Both trekking trips are still available for signup and they are as follows:
Three Mountain Trekking: Friday, May 30th ~ Sunday, June 1st (please register by Monday, May 19th)
Da Ba Jian Mountain or Hsuey Shan: (in two days for people who can’t leave the office before Friday afternoon), June 13th evening~ Sunday, 15th (please register a.s.a.p)
River Tracing: Sunday, May 25th - Available (located in Beautifull Wulai)
We also have a :
Whale/dolphin watching and rafting: trip scheduled for Saturday, June 7th ~ Sunday, June 8th. Depature will be on Saturday afternoon and we will return to Taipei on Sunday night.

If you have any questions or would like to signup for any of these events, please contact us directly either by telephone or by email.
Jean-Marc Compain
Tel : (02) 2700- 6988 Fax: (02) 2700- 2278
11F-6, No.237, Sec.2, Fu-Hsing S. Road.

City Escapes in Taiwan

River tracing is fun. We’ve been going up there to Wawagu for years, but we’ve always done it free – no ropes – much more adrenalin! No rappelling, of course, but its fun watching the aboriginal kids leaping off the top of that big waterfall. Apart from that big fall, you can get all the way up the creek to the watershed pretty easily with only two or three places of real exposure. Some of the other creeks up in that area are pretty gnarly, though, and you’d definitely need gear.

Or there’s paragliding, as offered by formumosa’s very own hsiadogah. I notice he has a banner ad on this site now. Jumping off a mountain dangling from one of things is quite an adrenailine rush, I can tell you. :shock:

Yeah, that site of his has got me champing at the bit for parasailing, as I’ve never done it before. Problem is, its all down south, isn’t it? Plus, his avatar is a bit scary – I wonder if he’s sending a subtle message there? :wink:

Not all down south. There’s a paragliding site at Green Bay also:


I saw a lot of paragliders in Green Bay last weekend.
That’s only 40-50 min. with car from your place.
Edit: Ooops, Mokey beat me to that one.

After you have landed, you maybe would try to sample the 10-15 different Belgian beers you will find in the Green Bar at Howard Resort…

Edit: Maybe you can put that information into the “Beer Alert” thread? -I am not able to find back to it (or maybe I have been dreaming about a thread like that…)

Does anybody know about bungee jumping in Taiwan?

They used to do it at Wulai but I think they got banned from there for some reason (traffic problems, maybe?) I also used to see them on a high bridge on the bei-heng a bit before Balin but I haven’t been up there for a while.

The boss and his wife jumped from a bridge in Taoyuan a few weekends ago. I’ll see if I can get some more info.

I can hardly wait? Why did they do it? Economic problems? depressions in the family? Their canary died?

Fill me in!

I think he is talking about a bungee jump dude!