Outdoor portable lights

Since I know many Forumosans are into outdoor nightime activities -of the hiking, camping, snake hunting, etc. persuasion- I’d like to ask you guys on your opinion on the best, hand-less, portable lighting available. I had a look at the ones at the stores on Zhongshan, close to Taipei Main Station, and there is quite a variety. head gear or waist? I need both hands free to handle the dog leashes, and I really need to see my way -good enough to pick all the doggies golden treasures. Usually, when we go to the park, I carry the dogs each in his own purse, so light -not heavy- stuff is better.

All suggestions are welcome -including writing letters about the lack of lighting in the park to my lizhang!

Head lighting is probably what you are looking for if you would like to see where you are going, as wherever you are looking, that is where the light is shining. On the downside, you run the risk of looking like a complete dork. However, since it will more than likely be dark when you are wearing a head torch, nobody will see you anyway.
I had one which cost about 600NT. It had a Cree L.E.D bulb in it and the bulb could be set to a range of brightness from quite dull to very powerful. It also had a wide and narrow focus beam ring. For the very professional, it also sported red, green and blue L.E.Ds for night map reading, tracking etc.
For the price it was the best one I ever had and at 600NT I wasn’t concerned about losing it, which I duly did; and because I lost it, I am unable to give you the make and model number just yet.
More expensive models with brighter LED bulbs and built in automatic tent erection/anti crocodile spray/Bear Grylls™ Swiss Army Barbecue functions are probably a bit over and above what you are looking for.
But if you’d like me to pop down to the local camping shop and enquire and see if they have any left (it’s not far from my house) then PM me.

I have no idea what you mean here :laughing:

If you did, you’d know I already look dorky enough. :stuck_out_tongue: Meipanfa. The way to the park is littered with hostile neighbors/no sidewalks/crossing several streets.

Actually, I was sort of looking to an alternative to the head gear. I mean, it is dark, and I need it, but while it doesn’t get too crowded, it is still quite possible to bump into a neighbor or two. They already amuse themselves off atoga with white dogs enough already!

I got the stores a stone throw away, too, so no worries, I’ll see to it, but pricewise seems reasonable. Thank you very much for the offer.