Outdoor Wedding Venue (Kaohsiung and nearby)

Hi, I am starting planning my wedding. I am Italian and she is Taiwanese. At this stage we are looking for a nice outdoor wedding venue (only) in Kaohsiung area (only). Should you have any suggestion, please drop website/link or any other relevant info.

Until now we only found “Sunset Beach Resort” and bunch of hotels. We would like to find out more outdoor option before make final decision.

Thank you all for your help! :slight_smile:

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Maybe these options could help :

仁新休閒農場(仁欣莊園婚禮) https://www.mpqheart.com/
夏泉 台菜廚房 https://www.summerspring.com.tw/


When are you planning this outdoor wedding?

Have you taken the blazing sun, humidity, and blood sucking mosquitoes into your consideration for an outdoor wedding?

If all that can be addressed by choosing an appropriate season, then…

I’ve been to one such wedding in Kaohsiung

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YOu mean before or after marry??

Well, only one kind will give you Dengue fever

i see… i will let my Taiwanese wife know…she is in good company now

That’s exactly the kind of options we are looking for, thank you so much!!!

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Yes, we understand the climate and rest of possible issues in Taiwan. For sure we will choose the best season to hold it. Now we are only focus in finding alternative venues.

These are your best bet outside of Xiziwan.

Aside from the two listed by chydals, the Kaohsiung Grand Hotel has some lake side option.

Kaohsiung Ambassador Hotel has a grass area at their 4F balcony.

EDA hotel also has something similar.

I’ve attended weddings at all these hotels, never seen the outdoor area though.

I’ve found a site that lists all available outdoor wedding locations. I’ve never been to most of there personally. Judging by the websites, Dongfeng has a rather fake looking astroturf on the balcony.

This place place has like a river side outdoor area, which might be great.

There are few mosquitoes in the summer with heavy rains, its winter that has more.

Old British Consulate is a good place for outdoor wedding (There are various area and sections on top of the hill and bottom area)

I have an “in” at this place. We’ll book Balkazar and let off some fireworks, charge admission you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Likely not what you are after, but just putting it out there if you are into the idea. Most wedding catering companies will go anywhere. So you can pretty easily have them come, setup tables, tents, kitchen etc at any location you want. It js more legwork, but if you want a really outdoor style and dont lime the astic grass, its actually not so hard to.setup.

The only real issue will most likely be entitled/loud mouths that were invited (often family) criticizing everything and making your wife cry. If you accept that early on in the planning, it becomes less of a problem come the day :slight_smile: I suggest lightening the mood by placingbets on who will be an asshole and when. the wife will then have fun with it on the day, as she has mentally prepared for it, rather than a ball of sad.

Fun times, congrats. Xiziwan is a nice area. That hill has some gorgeous places. Take a.scooter ride and discover, lots of potential private spots there :wink: