Outstanding fines and expired motorcycle registration

Original Title: I don’t get it.

So i’m getting ready to sell my bike legally… but my registration expired 2 years ago. apparently i just have to go down to the Bade Rd. DMV and pay 150NT to get a new one. No problem.

Then I had one of the Mandarin teachers at my school check online to see if I have any outstanding fines. Zero. Then she thought maybe outstanding parking tickets were separate so she checks the parking ticket site. Zero. Nothing. No fines or outstanding tickets come up under my plate number or both ARC numbers i have had in 6 years. But, I know I’ve gotten parking tickets. Where are they? Will they only show up once I get my registration up-to-date?

I don’t think bikes are covered on the online system for tickets – you can only check when your license/fuel tax is due. But you can call the DMV directly and ask – they will check their internal system and let you know.