Over 100,000 Vietnamese brides already in Taiwan

… and non of them is mine … :bow:

Reviving this old thread to say: we’re at a point when the kids from these marriages (often challenging and even rocky) are now hitting university age. Here’s a great story from Taiwan Plus of one kid (Vietnamese mom, Taiwanese dad) who has worked her a&& off in Xinbei to make it to the next step.




She sounds just like other young Taiwanese girls
She has worked hard and deserves success
I wish her well


Dude if its mutual consent then all the best. Give taiwanese girls run for their money. I love to see more leftover woman in taiwan to curtail princess syndrome and unreasonable standards


As others have said, if the consent is mutual what’s the problem? There are plenty of Taiwanese-Taiwanese marriages that end in sadness and despair.

If anything, importing keeps the local talent pool competitive. Or, it should, in theory. So many Taiwanese women would rather just give up and live at home instead of competing on the market.

“The market” (as you put it) often places women at the whims of the spouse’s family, aka at the mercy of the in-laws. There are great people out there, but also enough horror stories to warrant some caution.


In a relationship with their fucking cats :cat2:


I think he means the matket is where women browse/compete for the best spouse, which includes inlaws.

If a girl wants to compete with all the other girls for the limited supply of perfect men, that does sound daunting. If expectations on the avetage dude are kept low through imports, I say pass the catnip

A sort of modern slavery but both sides have a need

Young Vietnamese girls are forced by poverty to marry a man twice her age and hope for the best
Probably was not her first choice Maybe she already had a young viet man who wanted her hand

Older Taiwanese men couldn’t find a suitable Taiwanese wife

Apparently it works for many

Many of these men were not desired by many Taiwanese ladies

Even Taiwanese country girls want to go to the big city and marry up

They didn’t want Ah Bing who’s going to take over his dads noodle store

But a young Vietnamese woman will fill that role

Tommy couldn’t find a woman who would pee on him if he was on fire in California and had to resort to marrying a much younger internet chat buddy from Indonesia

It was that invite from her or possibly grow old alone

Been ten years and still married at least 90 pct happily

So it can work

I’m sure many cases it didn’t but I wonder what the over all divorce rate is. Is it higher or lower or the same as Taiwanese couples?


Just like all foreigners in Taiwan who could not get laid in their home country!

@olm :grin:

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Well you know what they say

A monk can not become famous in his own land he must travel to a far place and establish a temple

Perhaps an un-admitted truth for many



Which is their problem. Would they rather NTU student 小兔子 who has a decent job in the civil service but is also not really going anywhere?

Goes back to unrealistic expectations. In the long run Ah Bing might be making more money after some YouTuber discovers the noodle shop and the crowds follow.


Yes but young Taiwanese girls want to live the dream They wanna be K pop

They didn’t see the glamour of ah bings noodle shop enslavement they wanted to go to Taipei and get discovered in hsimenting and become the next Lin Ching shia (actress)

Course they often ended up as club girls instead

They wanted the LV life not tending pigs in the pig sty in miaoli

But Taipei can be a cruel city for young uneducated unconnected Taiwanese girls

The more common route nowadays is for such young women (who are not uneducated; anyone really can get into postsecondary institutions of some kind now) is to end up in the service sector, or working for some SME, both of which pay relatively lousy wages with little room for advancement.


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Well at least they ain’t tending pigs in miaoli
They are happy for ah bing and his Vietnamese wife who is possibly quite skilled already in tending pigs down at the farm in south or east Taiwan

And remember many pretty girls don’t want to study

They just wanna have fun. (cue Cindy Lauper )

I know one, sells noodles and dumpling and other local food. I prefer dumplings over Din Tai Fung (much cheaper, good taste just not high class tables and no robots). Viet staff with Taiwanese cooks, open window cooking area you can see them hand make noodles and dumpling. Also simple but good marketing, Japanese/English menu with quite a few Japanese ex pats going there/ No YouTuber but busy busy with locals, Japanese.
Another sells Pho, two floor large cafe also busy, so yes working in food, being smart and working hard can make a decent income.


Yup many of these viet wives gonna be driving that Mercedes Benz !!

While the Taiwanese girl who shunned ah bing be married to a 9 to 5 (which is really 9 to 10 in Taiwan ) and living in a cramped apt in shi tze

But hey at least she has her LV bag

Well I hear that Taiwan’s new pornography studios pay pretty well for talent.

More honest career than teasing simps with an instagram page.