Overseas Chinese/TARC 183 days limit

Hello! I’m currently a TARC holder with the Overseas chinese endorsement in my passport. I spend my time between Taiwan and Canada (I work in finance), and I am considering applying for HHR in order to simplify some legal matters that I have come up. I am aware of the 183day rule for military conscription for overseas Chinese, but I wanted to ask if this was retroactive to my residency as a TARC holder. I.e. Suppose I stay in Taiwan for 365 days with my TARC, and I apply for my HHR. They look at my travel history and see that I’ve been in Taiwan for the past 365 days, so I’m eligible for conscription. Or, does the 183day rule thing not have any bearing on my residency Before setting up HHR?

Thanks in advance!

i thought for the covid thing theres no military issue for year 2020