Overseas chinese

i read somewhere it is possible for all ethnic Chinese in the world to attain roc citizenship.It is possible?my grandfather is born in china btw does the right of return apply?

I have the same question: I was actually born in the Chinese mainland and I am ethnic Chinese, but moved to the Netherlands when I was a baby. I used to have PRC passport, but I lost it when I became a Dutch citizen. I do not wish my PRC passport back, as I do not want to lose my Dutch passport. However, I would like to have some connection with China, so the ROC passport comes closest.

First of all, it has to be your grandfather on your father’s side -not your mother’s.

Check with the Overseas Chinese representative at your country’s or nearest TECO. They need to study the relevant documents, see if there is a registry of your ancestors’ arrival, origin, marriages, etc…

After that, you get your Overseas Chinese ID, and it is a “breeze” from then on. :wink:

yup.it is my grandfather on my father side.Is my father birth certificate showing that my grandfather as a china national enough?BTW it is issued by the british colonial government