Overseas Taiwanese Passport holder with deceased Taiwanese parent - how to get citizenship?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been pouring over these forums and hope someone can help.

  • I am 33 years old
  • Taiwanese mother passed away
  • both Taiwanese grandparents have passed, but I have my aunt and cousin in Taiwan
  • holding an expired overseas Taiwanese Passport, currently trying to get this renewed but the Taiwan office here is slammed
  • born in Hong Kong, but moved to New Zealand so I hold a New Zealand passport (do I need to renounce this? My wish is to keep both)
  • living in Hong Kong for the past 2 years

I had tried to obtain Taiwanese citizenship while my mum was alive but I received conflicting information from two offices so my plans were thwarted. Hopefully, I am able to complete it this time!

Is it possible to obtain citizenship/ a Taiwan ID card? I love Taiwan as a country and have always felt a deep sense of belonging there, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

Did your parent have a citizenship when you were born?

If so, it is straightforward to get your citizenship.

  1. Renew or get again your passport. I think you can do it by mail.

  2. Get your entry and exit permit.

  3. Enter in Taiwan on your Taiwanese passport.

  4. Get your TARC. Or, this step can be done in New Zealand before you go to Taiwan.

  5. After living in Taiwan for a certain period, apply for your citizenship.

Essential documents are your parent’s transcript of household registration and your birth certificate. You could ask to obtain the HHR to your relatives in Taiwan. Your parent’s death should be registered if not yet.

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