Overseas travel benefits


This is the part that caught my attention.

He received reports of shops and services having to shut down over the weekend, Hung said, adding that some companies had to cancel annual employee health check-ups and can no longer provide subsidies for overseas holidays because of the changes to the labor law.

I’m trying to picture the sort of person who gets this kind of benefit as part of an employment package. Other than foreigners visiting “home”, how common is (or was) this? Is the idea that all employees in a given company are entitled to a holiday travel allowance, but they need to get themselves overseas before they can claim anything? Or their employers buy the plane tickets as well?


I think it’s likely a bad translation. I would guess cancelled vacation days beyond the standard holidays is what she meant. Though the overseas reference is strange. Nevermind, I have no idea.


Many companies in Taiwan give a subsidized overseas package holiday to the staff every year or most years. It’s usually only subsidized and not all free. They cooperate with travel agencies to do them.


No, it’s a real thing.
I’ve worked for medium-sized to biggish companies who offered it as a benefit.
Basically, if you bring your ticket receipts to HR after returning and apply, they buck up with a kind of rebate, somewhere in the 40% range, IIRC.
I think it became more common 10 or so years ago when they had to stop or cut back on a lot of the stock benefits they’d been offering before because they were basically illegal.

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Yes, it used to be more common a few years back. Then the government suggesting asking people to travel in Taiwan to help the economy. At which point some Taiwanese would get their friend to fake a receipt, and then they would pocket the money.