[Overstay] ARC after overstay


i have a five year multiple entry visa. after extending it three times, I overstayed. read: the visa is still good.
Now i’m applying for an arc through my new job. will i run into any difficulty? i was given a “no visa exemptions until april 2002 stamp.” nothing else.

anyone have any similar experiences? Cheers!


Sure have… I overstayed 2 weeks on a visitor’s visa, and had no problems applying and obtaining an ARC.

The hardest problem I had was obtaining a visitor visa to get back in the country. A sob story


if you’re correct about the “no visa exemption” stamp, than its not the big ugly overstay stamp everyone talks about, correct? And since i already have a multiple entry visa until 2005, i can still come in for sixty days without a new visa, i think.
anyway, thanks for the help!