Overstay ARC must leave Taiwan?!

I didn’t make it to the police station before closing to renew my ARC on Monday, the date of expiration. Two or three years ago, I went to renew my ARC a couple of days after the expiration date, and the police said “No problem” and did my paperwork for me.

Now this year, they tell me the law has been changed so that if I come in even one day late, I have to leave the country before I can give them my paperwork to renew my ARC. It seemed the laws for foreigners were changing in a direction of convenience and logic for us, but this would be a change in the opposite direction. A simple fine would make more sense. . .

I still find this hard to believe, but this is the Taipei Foreign Affairs Police office. I would hope they’ve got their facts straight. Anyone else heard of this change in the law?

See the relevant discussion of this at

Same thing happened to me too. Enjoy the trip, buy a souvenir.

That link is broken. You old hands here seem to have forgotten that Oriented no longer exists and all of its archives have been erased from the web. The relevant discussions y’all had 4 years ago are gone.

I overstayed my ARC 4 days while processing my work permit. So, all I have to do now is pay my 1000NT fine, zip out to Hong Kong for a day of sightseeing, and zip back into Taiwan the next flight, yes? No other penalties beyond that anybody aware of?