Overstay during ARC processing!

Hey all:

I overstayed by 5 days while my ARC was being processed, and now I have to go back and get another visa…the school gave some form from the ministry of education (unfortunately in Chinese) and said everything will be OK, but the police office (where I paid for the overstay) told me that there was no way I could make it back. I’m a little freaked out, since I’m in absolutely no shape to ship out of here at the time…

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

The way it worked for me when I overstayed during the processing of my ARC in 1996 was that I went to the police, got an extension, possibly paid a small fine, got a “no landing visa” stamp and a “yueqi juliu yi yifa chu li (overstay of resident visa dealt with in accordance with the law)” stamp. I went to HK, picked up my bit of paper, and got my new resident visa at CKS. No problems. What so you mean by “not make it back”? From where ? Did you overstay a resident or tourist visa ?