[Overstay] need to overstay, where when & how much do I pay?

yeah ok, I have read all the threads regarding visas, arc, visa runs etc…

I have lived in tawan for 1 year on an arc returned to new zealand to chase sheep and now I’m back on a 60 day vistor visa.

My problem is this, I have landed a sweet job, unfortunatly it requires me to overstay about 3 days, its not worth a horror story visa run or chinese language enrollment etc… nor do I intend to return to taiwan within the next year.
3 days doesn’t seem to serious to me, but overstay is overstay be it 6 hrs or 6 days or 6 months or 6 years.

I would hate to turn up at departure and be sent back to Taipei thus missing my flight because I wasn’t prepared.

So if I overstay for 2-3 days how much can I expect to be fined and where/when do I pay said fine?

Thanking you for your help,
I remain,

Living on the wrong side of the law,

Dangerous Dan

quote[quote] returned to new zealand to chase sheep[/quote] I was always suspicious about you Kiwis.

Anyway Dan, around 3 years ago, I overstayed by just 1 day. No sh@t. Anyway, no fine, but at the airport they sent me upstairs to get a special stamp in my passport. You must know the one if you’ve read the other threads. 1 year ban on the visa excempt thing. I came back in 1 month later though. My passport said I couldn’t come in visa excempt, but nothing about ‘with’ a visa. So I had no probs coming back.

Friends in the past have gone to the local police station (Hualian for them), fill out the paper work, and then not have to worry about all the hassle at the airport.