Overstay visa for 1 day

My friend will overstay her visitors visa for one day.She will do a visa run and come back.
What will the fine be and will she be able to come back for another 60 days or will there be any problems bacause of the ons day overstaying.


It’s better to not do it, if she can possibly avoid it. That said, this was my experience this summer. I overstayed a visitor’s visa by one day - my flight out on the last day of my visa was cancelled, and I had to go the next day. I had to explain why I overstayed and pay a NT$1,000 fine (at the airport.) I was able to get a new 60 day visa to come back in, but it was not quite as easy as it had been earlier. This time, they asked questions, which I assumed was because of the overstay. They also gave me a non-extendable visa, instead of the extendable one they had always given me before.

Your friend should try and get a 1 day extension from the FAP. I did it once even though my visa was non-extendable.

My brother-in-law got an extension for a couple of days even though he had a non-extendable visa. If it is just a few days, they will usually extend it no problem, especially if you have a good reason. This is much better than having an overstay on your record! What happens if you overstay depends on a case by case basis, but worst case is they can bar you from coming back.

If the person comes from a country that enjoys visa-free entry to Taiwan, he or she will lose that privilege for one year following an overstay, even if the overstay is only one day. Getting a visa may also involve extra hassle.