Hey, thanks for the replies, except for Edgar Allen - don’t you love how the internet empowers people to be rude? Anyway, I’ve heard most of this before, but A:) I’m leaving Taiwan for good after this, and B:) I’ve overstayed a visa before and had no troubles anywhere I went. In all my travels and residences noone even mentioned it, even though it was stamped on my passport. I probably won’t do it, just to be safe, I just wanted to know if anyone had any experience in the matter.

Oh, and Interlink travel advertises flights to Manila for 3000 from time to time, though I’m sure it would end up costing more than that in the end. :slight_smile:

I apologise. I should have used a capital D for Dick.

Seriously there are a thousand similar posts to this if you had done a search. You clearly aren’t bothered by ettiquette on or off line. Did it occur to you for example that you are both a guest in Taiwan and an ambassador of your own country? Sur yuo have done this before and gotten away with it - does that make it right?

Seriously get a grip.

Spend money on a fine or a holiday? Easy decision man!

I think he should just stay and never leave.