Owe employer money

I work for an agent (yes i know i know), and I owe him a sum of money, basically I owe him this money because he didn’t meet the minimum monthly hours he promised when employing me and he to lend me money to pay rent and eat etc. I’m tired of the whole agent saga and I want to leave, is there anything he can do to me to stop me?

I’ve been told that if you owe someone money here they can put a stop on you being able to leave the country. However i’ve spent HOURS searching through all the laws online for Taiwan and cannot find anything specific to this. From what I can work out he would have to take me to court, prove I owed the money, then get an order and then that could be used to stop me from leaving, i’d assume that would take at least a few weeks???

Can anyone help me please? I’m rather confused.

If you’re never planning to come back to Taiwan, just make a midnight run. Don’t tell him or anyone else at your buxiban that you’re leaving. He can’t do anything if he doesn’t know you are going. The buxiban’ll probably owe you wages, so the agent will take that in payment of your debt.